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Wow - 2014 did become a lot more interesting with an unforgettable January! Atlas Corps welcomed 50 new Fellows and celebrated 24 outgoing Fellows all in January. Our network is now 256 Fellows from 59 countries and 119 Host Organizations. 

The arrival of a new class always renews the sense of purpose in our work. As a global network, the headlines of the day go beyond what we hear in the news to the personal stories of our Fellows, Alumni, and friends. Many Fellows commented during Orientation that they feel this new sense of solidarity that transcends borders and cultures and connects people to people. They realize that each of them possesses talents to inspire positive impact. The goal of Atlas Corps is to connect their talent to opportunity - the opportunity provided through global exchange. Together, it is our hope that our individual actions will result in positive results on a global level. With each new Atlas Corps Fellow, this hope grows as I learn of their skills and how they are inspiring others at home and abroad.

Thank you for supporting our Fellows through your contribution to Atlas Corps. Together, we are achieving our shared vision of creating a global network of individuals and organizations committed to providing positive social impact on a global scale. 

Thank you for being an active part of our global network!

Scott Beale

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Scott Beale
Founder and CEO
Atlas Corps


50 New Fellows - Atlas Corps Welcomes Class 14 to the United States and Colombia

Atlas Corps Class 14
Washington, DC/Bogota, Colombia - New year, new Fellows, new partnerships - Atlas Corps started 2014 in a flurry of excitement! We welcomed 50 Fellows to our network as part of Atlas Corps Class 14. The Class include 29 professionals that will serve for 6-18 months in the United States and 21 professionals who will serve 12 months in Colombia as Atlas Corps Volunteers English Teaching Fellows, a new partnership with Volunteers Colombia. "These two weeks (Orientation and Global Leadership Lab) were just the right mix of intellectual, fun, challenging, thrilling times and so cross culturally potent....I am so proud to be an Atlas Corps Fellow! This journey has just started...." shared Karuna Dayal (India, Class 14, Host: CARE International). We invite you to follow the Fellow journeys as they post on the Atlas Corps Blog.

Assistant Secretary of State Applauds Fellows During Annual Event at State Department

Atlas Corps Visits State Department
Washington, DC - Atlas Corps, with our partners the U.S. Office of the Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan and CIPE, hosted our Second Annual Professional Exchange Speaker Series at the U.S. Department of State. A highlight was a visit by Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Evan Ryan. "With the talent and innovation we have gathered in this room, anything is possible," shared Assistant Secretary Ryan. She also acknowledged the value of our two-way exchange model, "Your exchanges also foster institutional linkages between the organizations in the United States your working with and the groups that you represent back home." For our Fellows, it was an inspiring, empowering, and unbelievable experience. View a few photo highlights from our Fellows.

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Giving Library
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Alumnus Applies Fellowship Skills to Job with ActionAid in Liberia

Atlas Corps Alumni Luckmore Jalisi
Liberia - Luckmore Jalisi (Zimbabwe, Class 9, Host: MSI Worldwide) applies the skills and network gained through Atlas Corps in his new role as Country Advisor for Youth and Governance with ActionAid Denmark in Liberia, "I have tapped into my Atlas Corps network many times for knowledge, webinars, general sharing, and advice. The network built solidarity with other people from across the world." 

(pictured l to r) Other Alumni join Luckmore in global pursuits. Aldo Arce (Mexico, Class 9, Host: National Audubon Society) continues expansion of Puerta Joven, the organization he founded in Mexico. Luis Abolafia (Spain, Class 9, Host: Victory Fund & Institute) was promoted to the Director of International Programs to lead outreach activities from Spain.

Change Your Perspective With Our Image Update (Thanks to Inspired Atlas Corps Alumnus)

Atlas Corps New Logo
Global - In 2006, Atlas Corps launched as an innovation in global service inspired by the slogan "Change your Perspective. Change the World." and represented by an upside down globe. Now, eight years later, the Atlas Corps network of 250+ Fellows received an image enhancement thanks to our Alum Demetrio Spinola (Spain, Class 7, Host: Habitat for Humanity). Our revised logo highlights the upside down globe, representing how the traditional view of “global north” on top of “global south” is a mistaken view. By inverting such a well-known image, our logo challenges the viewer to look at the world in a different way...change your perspective, change the world. 

Learn more about the "Atlas Corps Brand." We welcome your comments!

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