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What makes for a great Monday - meeting Malala! This week the Atlas Corps Team met with Malala Yousafzai in Washington, DC, and coincidentally our Fellow serving in New York, Tarika Vaswani (India, Host: Magic Bus USA), enjoyed dinner with Kailash Satyarthi. These two inspired leaders received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 and continue to inspire today. In fact, Atlas Corps is proud that The Malala Fund welcomed their first Atlas Corps Fellow in May 2015 as part of Class 18 and Kailash Satyarthi's daughter, Asmita, is an Atlas Corps Fellow from Class 3!

It is at the heart of our work: connecting inspired individuals to other individuals and dynamic organizations to forward positive change around the world! Since Atlas Corps started in 2006, we have seen our network thrive because of the amazing individuals in it.

Just this week two of our Fellows, Hajira Khan (Pakistan, Class 13, Host: Meridian International) and Isaiah Owolabi (Nigeria, Class 16, Host: GBCHealth) met in London during the presentation of the Queen's Young Leaders Awards. Hajira serves on the Advisory Panel and Isaiah was an honoree. 

These stories are just the beginning. As Atlas Corps grows from our current network of 350 Fellows to 1,000 to 10,000 Fellows, we know that more connections between inspired individuals and dynamic organizations will benefit our world. 

Thank you for being part of Atlas Corps!

Scott Beale

P.S. Now is your opportunity to grow this network. Applications are now being accepted for 2016. Learn more and apply at! (Please share with others!)

Scott Beale
Founder and CEO, Atlas Corps

  We're now recruiting fore 2016. Apply by July 15 at  

Atlas Corps Class 18 Brings New Countries and Host Organizations to the Network

Washington, DC - The arrival of Atlas Corps Class 18 during the month of May marked new avenues of advancement for both Atlas Corps and the Fellows. Comprising 22 Fellows from 14 countries, Class 18 includes our first Fellows from Afghanistan and Cameroon. The arrival of these Fellows also marks the beginning of new partnerships with organizations like, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Internews, and Vaxtrac, as Host Organizations.

Speaking at the Welcome Event on May 28, Class 18 Fellow Ifesinachi Sam Emuwa (Nigeria, Host: RESULTS) described the Fellowship as a lifetime opportunity for growth, “The Atlas Corps Fellowship is designed to help me and my fellow Fellows achieve [our] long-term goals by creating access to the opportunity to learn new skills, to make new connections, and to gain new knowledge. This Fellowship creates a global village that empowers individuals to make impact.”

Class 18 (pictured here) is the second cohort of Fellows recruited under the Emerging Global Leaders Initiative(EGLI)-Atlas Corps Fellowship.

Atlas Corps is recruiting for the January 2016 Class. Talented young leaders who are interested should apply by July 15, 2015.


Host Organization CARE Wins Distinguished Partner in Global Service Award

CAREWashington, DC - When it comes to humanitarianism and fighting poverty, CARE is among the most vibrant global voices, with a strong commitment to the dignity of people everywhere. Founded in 1945, the organization worked in 90 countries in 2014, reaching more than 72 million people through community-based efforts. These numerous initiatives have focused on empowering women and girls, improving basic education, preventing the spread of disease, increasing access to clean water and sanitation, expanding economic opportunity and protecting natural resources.

CARE has also been a dynamic Host Organization for a growing number of Atlas Corps Fellows. Currently, they host the following Fellows who are pictured to the left: Prem Sagar (Class 16, Pakistan), Tigist Mulugeta (Class 17, Ethiopia), Hyun Shin Kwack (Class 18, South Korea), and Asad Shoaib (Class 18, Pakistan). “These Fellows bring invaluable perspectives from their rich experiences working in a variety of nonprofit, government, and civil society organizations in their home countries,” notes Laura Henderson, senior director, U.S. Government Strategic Engagement at CARE. “Hosting them gives us an opportunity to play a role in developing future leaders in international development, and Alumni return to their respective countries as informal CARE ambassadors, playing a part in the global struggle to overcome poverty and social injustice.”

Learn more about the benefits and how your organization can become an Atlas Corps Host Organization here.


Fellows Emerge as Digital Humanitarians During Nepal Crisis

Global - News of the magnitude 7.8 earthquake which shook Kathmandu, Nepal, on the morning of April 25th also triggered shockwaves throughout the Atlas Corps Community. The quake claimed the lives of 8,800 Nepalis, leaving thousands more injured and displaced. Nepali Fellows, Medha Sharma (Class 16, Host: Nike Foundation) and Samita Thapa (Class 17, Host: TechChange), were jolted by the news. After confirming the safety of their loved ones back home, they promptly got to work to support relief efforts.

With the help of Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) expert and Atlas Corps Fellow, Luther Jeke (Liberia, Class 17, Host: Creative Associates International), they intervened in the crisis. Within a short time, the trio established a digital volunteer group of 200 concerned Nepalis, to support the work of the Stand By Task Force in Nepal. They supported MicroMappers to identify incident sites, translate posts, and verify whether support had reached the locations. They were also engaged in connecting resources to needs, by mobilizing their networks. “This quick action is the power of our Fellow network,” shared Medha. “Without Luther, Samita, and me knowing each other, this effort might not have been as successful.”

Support Nepal by donating to the Girls: Better after Quake project. This initiative is led by Medha Sharma.


Alumna Leverages Global Network to Build Awareness of Nonprofit in India

India - The chance to build meaningful professional international connections is a key benefit of the Atlas Corps Fellowship. Class 15 Alumna, Trina Talukdar (India, Host: American Express Foundation) understands the impact of networking. The organization she co-founded in India, Kranti (meaning “revolution”), leveraged the networks Trina strengthened during the Fellowship to build awareness on a global scale. Kranti seeks to empower girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change through a multi-layered approach, including theatre, to build confidence and transcend any negative psycho-social effects of their circumstances.

“While being an Atlas Corps Fellow had all the benefits of learning from my Host Organization and the global Fellow community, being in the US for a year also allowed me to network with U.S.-based organizations which became great partners for Kranti on the roadshow of our play, 'Lal Batti Express' (or Red Light Express),” explains Trina. With support from the numerous partnerships forged during her Fellowship, the group performed on a USA tour. Through their performances, the group (pictured to left) inspired diverse audiences, enacting their stories and bearing the message of hope that now defines them as Krantikari (Revolutionary Girls).


Nobel Prize Laureates Meet with Atlas Corps

Scott and Malala
New York/Washington, DC -  Atlas Corps Fellows and Staff enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage with 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Honorees, Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai, thanks to partnerships with our Host Organizations, Magic Bus USA and the Malala Fund. Tarika Vaswani (India, Host: Magic Bus USA) attended an event in New York featuring Kailash Satyarthi and Scott Beale, Atlas Corps Founder and CEO (pictured with Malala), attended an event with Malala Yousafzai along with other members of Atlas Corps in Washington, DC. “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity all thanks to Atlas Corps and Magic Bus,” shared Tarika. “It was inspiring to know that Kailash Satyarthi knew of Atlas Corps and my previous organization in India. It is a small world when inspiring people connect!”

Speaking of strengthening our connections with these inspired global leaders, Asmita Satyarthi (India, Class 3, Host: International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children) is an Atlas Corps Alumna and the daughter of Kailash Satyarthi. The Malala Fund is a current Atlas Corps Host Organization. Instagram

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