Before the new year, welcome Atlas Corps Class 17

Congratulations Class 17! We are excited to welcome our newest group of global leaders to Atlas Corps and our network of more than 300 Fellows from 70 countries serving at 130 Host Organizations. Class 17 is our first group of Fellows as part of Emerging Global Leaders Initiative(EGLI)-Atlas Corps Fellowship, which was launched by the White House a few months ago at the Clinton Global Initiative. (Read more details here.)

Scroll down to meet some of the faces of these incredible social change leaders. Class 17 includes 
Ernesto from El Salvador who will serve at the Human Rights Campaign, Mohammad from the Palestinian Territories who will serve at Cure Violence, and Tigist from Ethiopia who will serve at CARE. Originating from all corners of the earth and focused on a wide variety of social issues, Atlas Corps Fellows devote 12 months of service and their entire lives to making the future better for all of us.

After eight years of hard work, Atlas Corps is seeing significant acknowledgement for our efforts. In September, the White House recognized the impact of our model in strengthening civil society at home and abroad. Our momentum is strong heading into 2015 but we need your support for the start of a successful year. With your help, we can give Ernesto, Mohammad, and Tigist (and so many others) the opportunity to positively impact our world!

Will you support an Atlas Corps Fellow?
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Thank you for supporting our Fellows and for believing in Atlas Corps. Best wishes in the new year!


P.S. Have you seen this great video of Fellows and Alumni taking about how they make an impact in their world? Watch now!

Scott Beale
Founder and CEO
Atlas Corps

Akhil.pngAnthony 3AvaisBahaa2Ernesto 2

Akhil Khurana (India, Host: Creative Associates International)
Anthony Oluoch (Kenya, Host: Human Rights Campaign)
Avais Sherani (Pakistan, Host: Center for Environmental Health)
Bahaa Eddin Al Dahoudi (Palestine, Host: Project on Middle East Democracy)
Ernesto Zelayandia (El Salvador, Host: Human Rights Campaign)

EsterEsther 3Hyun-jung Shin photo 2Harriet 2

Ester Pitrelli (Italy, Host: Save the Children)
Esther Pinnock (Jamaica, Host: Atlas Corps)
H.Kelly Shin (South Korea, Host: Global Good Fund)
Harriet Kezaabu (Uganda, Host: Atlas Corps)

Hiba SafiHuma 2LawrenceLutherMohammad 2

Hiba Safi (Tunisia, Host: The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy)
Huma Sattar (Pakistan, Host: Heritage Foundation)
Lawrence Yealue (Liberia, Host: Creative Associates International)
Luther Jeke (Liberia, Host: Creative Associates International)
Mohammad Asideh (Palestine, Host: Cure Violence)

Ruth 2Samita 2Sue 2Tarig

Ruth Kim (South Korea, Host: Pyxera Global)
Samita Thapa (Nepal, Host: TechChange)
Sue Ohe (South Korea, Host: Polaris)
Tarig Ebrahim (Sudan, Host: Heartland Alliance International)

TarikaTigist 2ViolaWilson 2Zia 2

Tarika Vaswani (India, Host: Magic Bus USA)
Tigist Mulugeta (Ethiopia, Host: CARE International)
Viola Zodzi (Zimbabwe, Host: Global Peace Foundation)
Wilson Saavedra (Bolivia, Host: Heartland Alliance International)
Zia Hoque (Bangladesh, Host: VaxTrac)

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