How do you make an impact?
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How do you make an impact? How do we make an impact? It is a question for each of us and for all of us. When Atlas Corps Alumni return to South Sudan, they bring shared knowledge and support one another to forward positive change. When Atlas Corps Fellows share their personal stories, they empower others with knowledge. When global convenings invite Fellows to participate, these emerging professionals gain skills that they can share at home. Together, we achieve impact!

Our Fellow, Ochuko Keyamo (Nigeria, Class 12, Host: GBCHealth), captured the opportunity of shared impact in her recent blog post on completing her Fellowship in the United States,
"...the Fellowship was life changing. I am indeed a better person now, I have grown so much and well equipped to face my world and bring about a positive change....I do not see this as a goodbye but rather an opportunity to work together in another platform. My world, my country awaits me to help bring the change that we seek, and life doesn’t get better by Chance but by Change."

Today, we share with you the impact stories of our Fellows and Alumni, like Ochuko. We thank you for supporting them on this personal journey of discovery. We also invite you to continue your involvement. We have some exciting upcoming activities including an event in DC on November 19 and #GivingTuesday on December 2 - an opportunity to invest in our Fellows.

Thank you for inspiring impact - thank you for supporting Atlas Corps Fellows!

Scott Beale

Scott Beale
Founder and CEO, Atlas Corps

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Atlas Corps and Facebook Partner to Amplify Fellow Voices on Social Issues

#FightEbola - Post by Luckmore Jalisi
Global - Atlas Corps launched a new partnership with Facebook to amplify the voices of Fellows and Alumni. Last week, Facebook featured the #FightEbola campaign to increase awareness and resources for this global epidemic. The campaign included perspectives from four Atlas Corps Fellows.

"Events of the past months have brought different levels of hate, discrimination and politicization of Ebola. All this hate is contrary to the spirit and ideals of the principle on humanity," wrote Atlas Corps Alum Luckmore Jalisi (Zimbabwe, Class 9, Host: MSI), who had been working in Liberia with ActionAid Denmark. Other Fellow posts featured as part of the #FightEbola campaign included Isaiah Owolabi (Nigeria, Class 16, Host: GBCHealth), Lara Palmisano (Italy, Class 16, Host: UN Foundation) and Sook Hee Yuk (South Korea, Class 14, Host: Global Campaign for Education). Atlas Corps looks forward to highlighting other Fellow perspective on future campaigns.


Fellows Share Impact Stories at Media Summit, Advisory Board, and Portland State University

Sarah Ahmed
National - The perspectives of Atlas Corps Fellows and Alumni continue to be in demand. The first-hand stories from Fellows serve to enhance conversations around key topics. Most recently, delegations of Fellows attended the Transformational Media Summit as well as spoke at The Advisory Board on Women's Empowerment and at Portland State University at the Girls in the World Summit.

"A good story can connect people....It plays the role of a catalyst for creating change by contextualizing the work being done. People like to know real life stories and see real images," shared Sarazhin Ahmed (Bangladesh, Class 16, Host: Save the Children USA) after attending the Transformational Media Summit in Washington, DC. In addition to representing Atlas Corps at the Summit, Sarazhin also is supported by a partnership with the U.S. Embassy Dhaka, Bangladesh. Read Sarazhin highlights from the Transformational Media Summit.

Are you interested in featuring a Fellow during your event, contact our Development Office at


New State Department Partnership Ignites Global Interest with Fellows Arriving in January

EGLI-Atlas Corps Fellowship
Global - The Emerging Global Leaders Initiative-Atlas Corps Fellowship (EGLI-Atlas Corps Fellowship) offically launched on September 23, 2014, and is already achieving impact. The announcement aligned with an Atlas Corps recruitment cycle. Thanks to the active promotional networks of the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Embassies around the world, Atlas Corps achieved record-breaking traffic on communication and application channels.

Atlas Corps plans to bring the first EGLI-Atlas Corps Fellows to the United States in January 2015. The official announcement will happen in late December. This January group of Fellows will be the first cohort of EGLI-Atlas Corps Fellows with the total goal of achieving 100 Fellows. While Atlas Corps is not actively pursuing new applications at this time, we invite interested individuals to learn more about the Fellowship and to share the opportunity with interested individuals as well as with U.S.-based organizations interested in hosting one of these inspired global leaders.


South Sudanese Alumni Bring Impact Home Through Community-Based Projects

Fellows from South Sudan
South Sudan - In 2012, Atlas Corps and the U.S. Office of the Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan launched an initiative to develop civil society in Sudan and South Sudan by engaging emerging leaders in the Atlas Corps Fellowship. After a successful two-year pilot program, the partnership continues with an enhancement to the original pilot - Independent Community Projects (ICPs). The goal of the ICPs is to facilitate the transfer of leadership knowledge back home by supporting the Fellows in project implementation in their home countries. Yach Atiop (South Sudan, Class 14, Host: Amir) and Maiwen Pheot (South Sudan, Class 14, Host: The Enough Project), pictured left to right, were part of the first group to develop and implement their ICPs in South Sudan.

"The Fellowship (and ICPs) gave me the required confidence to act as a leader...I also found myself acting as an ambassador correcting the views of local communities on U.S interests in South Sudan, and the underlying values of U.S-based philanthropy and non-profit work. Thank you for this great opportunity," shared Maiwen in a recent project update. Through this initiative, Maiwen leads the Abyei Youth Empowerment Program, a project to enable youth to be agents for positive change in their home communities. The Alumni from South Sudan also recently meet with the U.S. Embassy in Juba to reflect on the Fellowship and their ICPs. In the next two years, Atlas Corps plans to engage a total of 18 additional Fellows from South Sudan and Sudan as part of this initiative.


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