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There is so much exciting news to share. Most importantly, please read and share this wonderful article about Atlas Corps in the Washington Post! "In the 'reverse Peace Corps,' future leaders from abroad hone their skills." Please share this article with others so we can expand its reach: bit.ly/AtlasCorpsWashingtonPost. The article discusses the culture of the organization, the White House partnership, and features one of our Fellows!

Another recent highlight for our organization is the addition of three new team members: Andrea Hernandez as Financial Controller; Brittany Gropp as Partnerships Manager; and Samantha Sachs as Program & Development Associate. Their talent and passion better equip us to meet the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in our path toward additional growth.

Of course, I would be remiss not to mention our new partnership with the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC (RPCV/W). They named Atlas Corps as their Partnership for Peace for the next two years! We are excited to grow our collaboration with kindred spirits in the world of international exchange.

As we celebrate our achievements, we also acknowledge the support of our dynamic network. We thank you for being an active part of Atlas Corps. We congratulate our partners, PYXERA Global, as they celebrate 25 years of contributions in global development. We are also energized by the achievements of our Fellows, like Nicolás Torres Vieira (Chile, Host: Latin American Youth Center), and Alumna, Hajira Khan (Pakistan, Class 13, Host: Meridian International Center).

The journey continues and Atlas Corps is happy to have you as part of the journey!

Let’s celebrate good times!

Scott Beale

P.S. Join us at the Wonder Bread Factory on August 17 as we celebrate Class 16 and other Fellows who have completed their service. RSVP at bit.ly/AtlasCorpsGraduationClass16.

Scott Beale
Founder and CEO, Atlas Corps

Join us for Class 16 Fellows & More Celebration of Service - bit.ly/AtlasCorpsGraduationClass16

Atlas Corps Expands, Welcomes Three New Staff Members

Samantha, Brittany & Andrea
Washington, DC -  New energies have been added to the dynamic Atlas Corps Team. We recently welcomed Samantha Sachs as Development and Program Associate, Brittany Gropp as Partnerships Manager, and Andrea Hernandez as Financial Controller (pictured left to right). All three are passionate about serving in the nonprofit sector. In addition, they bring great experience to the team, which includes Samantha as a Return Peace Corps Volunteer (Ukraine).

The Atlas Corps mission is incredible and has the power to completely transform and strengthen every single niche in the nonprofit sector worldwide," Brittany expressed. "I genuinely love waking up and coming to work every day. I love my phenomenal coworkers, the utterly amazing Fellows and candidates, the work I do day-to-day, and the unlimited potential for growth,” Brittany expressed. The addition of these new team members will support Atlas Corps as we continue to implement the Emerging Global Leadership-Atlas Corps Fellowship in collaboration with the White House and U.S. State Department.

Meet the entire Atlas Corps team at www.atlascorps.org/team.php.


Atlas Corps Launches Partnership with Return Peace Corps Volunteers

Washington, DC - The Return Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC (RPCV/W) recently named Atlas Corps as the recipient of their Partnership for Peace. Every two years, RPCV/W identifies a nonprofit organization with common values to share in this partnership. RPCV/W then contributes financially to their cause, engages in joint promotion of activities, and helps them to mobilize volunteers in support of their mission.

Atlas Corps embodies the third goal of the Peace Corps, which is to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans, and fulfills part of the original design of the Peace Corps to bring volunteers from around the world to the United States. Both organizations already formed a powerful synergy in working together, as Atlas Corps has engaged more than 30 RPCVs as volunteers, staff, and supporters. We're thrilled to partner with Atlas Corps in their mission to train a new generation of global leaders," commented Chris Robinson, RPCV/W President. "Atlas Corps Fellows will be welcomed to our professional network, and our members are eager to volunteer their time helping them achieve their goals. Our mission is to keep the spirit of Peace Corps alive here in the nation's capital, and Atlas Corps clearly shares that spirit with the world. 

PYXERA Global Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Atlas Corps Fellows Onboard

Pyxera Global
Washington, DC - A shared vision of bringing together talents to solve some of the world’s most critical social issues has united Atlas Corps and PYXERA Global in a dynamic partnership. This year, PYXERA Global celebrates 25 years of operations. For a quarter century, they have been finding the common ground and leveraging the strengths of corporations, governments, social sector organizations, and educational institutions in order to solve complex problems and attain mutually-beneficial goals.

To help achieve their mission, PYXERA Global has hosted numerous Atlas Corps Fellows. Currently, they host: Ruth Kim (Class 17, South Korea) and Babar Ali Malik (Class 17, Pakistan), pictured front and center with members of the PYXERA Global Team. Laura Asiala, Vice President of Public Affairs, notes that Atlas Corps Fellows are some of the finest examples of citizen diplomacy in action. “Their perspective, intelligence, enthusiasm, commitment, and sheer hard work have contributed to our ability to enrich lives and livelihoods,"  shared Laura. "Through our practice areas of integrated community development, local content development, and global pro bono programs with multi-national companies.

Learn more about how your organization can become an Atlas Corps Host Organization here.


Atlas Corps Fellow Represents Youth at International Gathering

Nicolas Torres Vieira
Washington, DC - At the 45th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) held in June, Atlas Corps America Solidaria Fellow Nicolás Torres Vieira (Class 16, Chile, Host: Latin American Youth Center) was the voice of millions of youth who are marginalized from political, social, and economic participation in the Americas. Nicolás (seated third from left in photo) was among representatives of labor unions, and other human rights organizations, who presented their concerns, visions and demands before the delegates of the American states.

A licensed attorney, Nicolás used the opportunity to advocate for greater equality and opportunity for political participation for youth in the Americas. Dispelling the idea that youth were not concerned with politics or the destiny of their countries, Nicolás explained that “the extremely high indices of unemployment, illiteracy, violence, and discrimination among youth prevented them from participating. Youth are determined to occupy that space through creative, candid, responsible, and united actions.”

To learn more highlights from 
Nicolás about his experience, read his blog.


Atlas Corps Alumna Engages in Global Outreach on The Queen's Young Leaders Advisory Board

Global -  Last month, 60 youth leaders from across the British Commonwealth were honored at the first staging of The Queen’s Young Leaders Awards, held at Buckingham Palace. Among the organizers of the inaugural staging of the Awards was Atlas Corps Alumna, Hajira Khan (Class 13, Pakistan, Host: Meridian International Center). Hajira, pictured with Atlas Corps Fellow and Awardee, Isaiah Owolabi (Class 16, Nigeria Host: GBCHealth), serves on the Advisory Board for The Queen’s Young Leaders, a program of The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust. She was involved in selection and finalizing the Awardees, in addition to delivering training sessions to them, during their Residential Week at the University of Cambridge.

Since completing her Fellowship in 2014, Hajira has served as Program Manager at Amal Academy, which is a Stanford University and Acumen Fund venture. Reflecting on her year of service as a Fellow, Hajira says, “It was complete in every way. I got one of the best possible Host Organizations and worked on youth leadership programs, which I am extremely passionate about. Most importantly, I got to learn a lot from other Atlas Corps Fellows who brought a wealth of knowledge and experience on different causes, and topics.” 

To meet our network of hundreds of Atlas Corps Fellows, visit our Fellow page.


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