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An object in motion stays in motion.... It sounds like an accurate description of Atlas Corps. Over the past three weeks, I feel we have been in a constant state of moving forward and achieving new milestones.

Three weeks ago, we welcomed Atlas Corps Class 19—our largest group of Fellows ever at 33. Two weeks ago, we invited all of our Fellows to Washington, DC, for our Global Leadership Lab in partnership with Deloitte—85 Fellows in one room at one time. One week ago, we celebrated the year anniversary of the launch of Emerging Global Leaders Initiative-Atlas Corps Fellowship as I traveled with a delegation of Atlas Corps Fellows to New York for the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), Social Good Summit, and United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

In just three weeks, I engaged with some of the most brilliant global leaders. Today, I am finally back in the office to share the highlights of these three weeks with you, as well as to sift through new business cards.

Just like our own personal journeys, Atlas Corps is not one moment in time. We are a continuous evolution of ideas that is inspired by the individuals who make up our network. Thank you for lending your insight to inspire Atlas Corps yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

Keep on moving!

Scott Beale


P.S. Speaking of moving, now is the time for you to move forward. Learn about hosting a Fellow at your organization. You can also apply/nominate to be a Fellow.

Scott Beale
Founder and CEO, Atlas Corps


 Atlas Corps Fellows Help Amplify Sustainable Development Goals at Social Good Summit


Marcela, et al. at Social Good Summit

New York - Atlas Corps Fellows actively promoted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) during the recent Social Good Summit. The annual event, held in tandem with the UN General Assembly, incorporates the voices and points of view from major influencers around the world to focus on the biggest global issues of the day. Atlas Corps Fellow Marcela Calle (Class 18, Colombia, Host: Internews), pictured with other panelists Ben Rhodes of The White House, Danny Sriskandarajah of Civicus, and Douglas Rutzen of International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, shared her perspectives on the “Combating Closing Spaces for Civil Society” panel.

It was very valuable to be a part of the team of communicators who amplified the 17 Sustainable Development Goals throughout the Summit at this crucial moment in history,” shared Fellow Esther Pinnock (Class 17, Jamaica, Host: Atlas Corps)“The many speakers expressed hope amidst many global crises.  As Atlas Corps Fellows, it was an honor to share this message of hope to inspire others to take action. It was also impressive to see Marcela as a featured speaker!”

View highlights from the Summit here: Day 1 | Day 2


 Partnership with White House & State Department Exceeds Expectations in First Year

Global - In September 2014 at the Clinton Global Initiative, President Obama announced the Emerging Global Leaders Initiative (EGLI)-Atlas Corps Fellowshipa two-year partnership with the U.S. Department of State to engage 100 civil society leaders from around the world in the Atlas Corps Fellowship, as part of the President’s Stand with Civil Society. A year later, the Atlas Corps activity level continues to exceed expectations. Already, the Fellowship has engaged 77 civil society leaders from around the world.

To mark the year anniversary of the partnership, Atlas Corps Fellows met Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken (pictured to left) during the Social Good Summit. Atlas Corps anticipates engaging at least 150 Fellows by September 2016. More details are included in the Fact Sheet: U.S. Support for Civil Society released by The White House on September 29.




DC Welcomes Largest Class of Fellows to the United States - 33 Fellows in Class 19 

Taste of Shaw
Washington, D.C
- It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. For Atlas Corps Class 19, the next step on their professional journey was joining the Atlas Corps Fellowship in September 2015. These 33 diverse global leaders joined the Atlas Corps network of 350 Fellows from 72 countries, serving at more than 130 Host Organizations. In addition to the Global Leadership Lab implemented in partnership with Deloitte, the “Taste of Shaw” welcome event introduced these inspired individuals to the DC community.

“Atlas Corps is a celebration of global diversity. It is an investment in future leaders, and it is the desire of changemakers,” shared Asmaa AbuMezeid (Palestine, Host: Internet2), speaking on behalf of the Class at the event. “This opportunity we have been gifted, because we want to make an impact on the future for our own communities...and have left our jobs and families because we believe in a cause which is bigger than ourselves.”

See highlights from Orientation, Global Leadership Lab, and the “Taste of Shaw.”  



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