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Dear Friend,

I'm excited to announce that La Piana Consulting's popular Due Diligence Tool has been updated as Due Diligence Done Well: A Guide for Grantmakers and released today by Grantmakers for Effective Organizations(GEO).  

While the nonprofit sector has changed in many ways since our firm's founding 12 years ago, some challenges facing the sector remain the same. Now more than ever, grantmakers need efficient easy-to-use tools for assessing the organizational health of a potential grantee that don't create an unnecessary administrative burden.

This need motivated us to write The Due Diligence Tool in 2004 and since then, The Due Diligence Tool has remained GEO's most requested publication. At La Piana Consulting, we have received positive feedback from countless grantmakers who have applied, adapted, and used this resource to bring order and clarity to what has often been, heretofore, a murky process.

Today, through an ongoing partnership with GEO, we are proud that a revised, online version of this tool will be available to an even wider audience. Due Diligence Done Well: A Guide for Grantmakers has updated information to reflect new learning about effective due diligence and is accompanied by a new supplemental online toolkit with detailed research questions, assessment criteria and more resources for grantmakers.  

It is our hope that the revised guide will continue to encourage transparency and greater confidence in the due diligence process. By creating stronger relationships between grantseekers and grantmakers, we step closer to achieving our mission of a stronger nonprofit sector.

Yours in learning,

David La Piana
David La Piana

New Strategic Restructuring Resources

Models of Strategic Restructuring Case Study
Crittenton Women's Union Merger

This case study is one in a series of snapshots about The Collaboration Prize 2009 finalists. Written by Melissa Mendes Campos, with Jo DeBolt and Robert Harrington, this resource describes the merger of Crittenton, Inc. and The Women's Union, into Crittenton Women's Union

Download the PDF.

The Collaboration Prize is designed to inspire cooperation among nonprofit organizations. Winners of the next Collaboration Prize will be announced in Spring 2011. The Prize is funded by The Lodestar Foundation and managed by La Piana Consulting

Strategic Restructuring Issue Brief
Merging Ahead: Case Studies in Clinic Consolidation

Written by Melissa Mendes Campos and published by the California HealthCare Foundation, this issue brief explores the Community Health Centers and consortia that have considered or entered into partnerships such as consolidation, joint venture, or merger.

Read more about the issue brief and download the PDF.


Now through November 30th - Fieldstone Alliance customers receive 30% off online book orders.

Fieldstone Alliance, the publisher of La Piana Consulting's popular books, was acquired by Turner Publishing earlier this fall.

Turner is excited to serve the nonprofit sector and will continue to publish the following books by La Piana Consulting:

The Nonprofit Merger Workbook I

The Nonprofit Merger Workbook II

The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution

In appreciation of Fieldstone Alliance customers, Turner is offering a 30% discount on website orders until November 30, 2010.

Get your copies of La Piana Consulting's groundbreaking books today! Just visit Fieldstone Alliance and use the Coupon Code FSCA1110 during checkout. 


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