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Seasons Greetings! During the holidays, we often pause to reflect on moving stories that reveal the tenacity of the human spirit, like that of May Pagsinohin and her staff at the Philippine Science Center earlier this fall. We also recognize our responsibility as a society to remember that many of our neighbors live in poverty and in hunger. At La Piana Consulting, we are never far from the real heroes: nonprofit leaders like you, dedicated to mission-driven work that makes us a more just society.

As everyone wonders how the economy will impact nonprofits in 2010, of one thing alone I am certain: the nonprofit sector's traditional 3-5 year strategic planning timeframes won't be sufficient. If you need clarity about where your organization stands in these fast-changing times, one useful approach is to analyze and reassess your organization's financial model.
Our latest resource detailed below provides a clear step-by-step framework for doing just that. This analysis may prompt changes to your revenue/cost mix, and even a larger reconsideration of your organizational approach, because in this economy, a broken business model is often at the root of many of the problems you face.

Thanks again for all you do to support the advancement of the sector! I look forward to another inspiring year of working together to make a difference. May the new year bring us not just an economic revival but a resurgence of efforts toward peace, sustainability and a more equitable society.

Yours in learning,
David La Piana
David La Piana


New Article for Nonprofit Leaders

Surviving and Thriving in Tough Times: A Framework for Nonprofits Facing Economic Stress

Written by Scott Schaffer, Jo DeBolt, and Heather Gowdy, this article provides a framework for nonprofits to analyze their organizations' financial underpinnings and identify practical options for financial restructuring. Distilled from a broader methodology for business model assessment, this process can help leaders leverage readily available data to inform critical decisions—and thereby respond to financial challenges with the benefit of a deeper understanding of the alternatives available to them. There are five steps in this framework. We detail them in sequence, starting with a dissection of the mechanics of an organization's financing.

Download the PDF.

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NonprofitNext News
You may have read the new report, but have you visited the blog?  Check out recent posts on growing diversity in the nonprofit sector by Diane Wong and Melissa Mendes Campos and tell us what you think.

Plus Adrienne Mansanares (Program Officer at the Denver Foundation), Paul Schmitz (CEO of Public Allies), and Michael Watson (Senior VP of Human Resources for the Girl Scouts of the USA) discuss how issues of diversity and inclusion are playing out in the nonprofit sector, and how effective practices around diversity can help nonprofits position themselves for long-term success.

Download the Podcast.

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