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Mayors highlight challenges of ecomobility in cities

Mayors from diverse regions are now in Suwon to explore the possibilities and challenges of implementing a truly ecomobile city. Read more


EcoMobility: moving back to the basics?

While sustainability advocates struggle to market the idea of ecomobility to cities, transport experts and engineers on the ground said what urban planners are missing is often the basic question of “whose mobility”. Read more

Quote of the day

“Freiburg promoted ecomobility modes in the past 40 years, now it's the time to connect all these means!“

Martin Haag, Vice
Mayor of Freiburg

Walking became more enjoyable in Haenggung-dong

The Haenggung-dong neighborhood has undergone major street transformations over the course of two years. ICLEI asked the residents what further improvements they would like to see in the future. Read more

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