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Sacred Paths Center
The Center Will Reopen on Monday, August 8
From The Executive Director:

Dear supporter of the Center,

The Center will reopen for all normal business on Monday, August 8.

We sincerely apologize for the confusion caused by our sudden closing. We want to thank Keys of Paradise for making their space available for the events that we inconvenienced this week. We are reaching out to the coordinators for all events scheduled at the center between now and the reopening on Monday to assure them that the space they reserved will be available to them as promised previously. If you have something scheduled at the center this weekend you will have space.

The reason for closing this week is simply to catch up on some neglected organizational items. 

We need to do a physical inventory of the store, clean up our book keeping and filing systems, and we are restructuring our organizational tools to better serve our members and the community. 

These projects become very difficult when being done amongst the hustle and bustle of the normal Center functions.

Some things to look forward to on Monday:

We will publish a breakdown of the success of our Change and Grow campaign. We received great response from the community and we would like to show you where your hard earned donations served the center. We will be posting an accounting on the website for anyone to view. We appreciate the communities support and want you to know we how much we value your contributions. Our commitment to you is that we will continue to evaluate our expenses, making sure we are doing the most with your contributions each month.

We will also be working to create a way for the community to provide us with feedback. We do our best every moment to provide you with a community center that welcomes everyone. If we fail to do that in some way, we want to know. This way we can improve. This will also be a way for you to show us what you want to see at the center, services you’d appreciate or pay a compliment to our wonderful volunteer staff.

This is the pioneering Pagan community center in the country and our sole mission is to be the best stewards of that. We are working to respond to you, our community and provide the kind of center that will be a model for Pagans nationwide. We don’t promise perfection, we aren’t always going to do the right thing; but our commitment to you is that will put our best foot forward every day. We will own any mistakes and be better for them; and we will do our level best to provide a welcoming, sacred, neutral space for everyone in our community to use in their own path to the divine.

Thank you to our community and also to our extraordinary staff of volunteers who have stepped up to ensure our Change and Grow campaign was a success. Without their hard work none of the events would have be possible.

Teisha Magee,

Executive Director

Sacred Paths Center : We make safe space for you to discover, explore, and share your relationship with the divine.

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