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Tuesday's Tidbits 
Abstract Mixed Media Collage 
November 6th  2018
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Tuesday's Tidbits is a Newsletter sharing available classes, workshops, events and collage art to help build your collection.  I've been working in the medium of collage and mixed media 23 years, can't believe it. And sharing my paper nuggets and crumpled wisdom through gatherings, instructional settings, retreats and circles of friends now for 21 years. A long time some would say. All I know is that I'm grateful that I've been able to work at what I love to do. 

The art medium of "collage" has its beginnings from the French word, "coller" which means to glue.  Paper was and still is readily available to us all, it's a great source of material to glue to many surfaces. 

Making collage papers from found paper is called, re-purposing  and it's ever changing in it's process and enjoyment for most collage artists. As you might have witness in my own artwork over the years. From a torn edge or cut edge,  I've always been at the papers mercy.   Being a creative maker all my life has been a combination of inner and outer understandings expressed in hopes of the compassion of others feelings, the wordless visual drama around us all.  I've been very fortunate to have had parents, teachers, loved one to encourage this continual crazy combination of self-expression. When people ask what is your "Goal or Dream," I only have this one, to be a elder and preparing to drop off a piece of artwork somewhere for a up coming exhibition.  
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August 8th 2018
Sporting a different Hair style, down and like a "Wild Woman." (feels so good)
From the Studio
When we can make a difference, Let's make one...when we can't make a difference, let's still make a difference. The act to vote is our human right, don't let them take your rights away Please Vote,

My teaching schedule for the
 Winter/Spring Months of 2019. 

Vision Boards
Collage Totems
Tool Making
Image Transfer
Prayer Flags

Just a few left~ 
 2019 Tack Down Tuesday Calendar's 
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From myheart Heart  and with gratitude in single feather - Copy Spirit 
  thank you for all your support through the years.


Field Trip Monday...with Artists Way Group

salvage yard 1 3

salvage yard 3
It finally happened, a group of us went to Gaby Iron and Metal Salvage Yard, in Chicago Heights, IL  it was muddy but that didn't stop us we were driven, rusty bits, gears, grids and wires Oh My! When I see places like this I can't help but flashback to a Movie from 1999, "Iron Giant" trailer  
Oh to be an artist with a back yard like this.

So No Tack Down Tuesday Today....Field trip filled my time and what a great experience it was. I believe Field Trips should never end...we should always do them or slip in a good Artists Date, it's about keeping Alive inside and out, Right? 

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Quote for the Week
To be awake is to be Alive.
Henry David Thoreau


A Few Left !! Calendar 
2019 Tack Down Tuesday 
2019 Calendar sheet
Limited time Calender's 
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My exhibit is down but I will still be demonstration thoughout the year, stop in on Wednesday I'll be making a book 
Next Demonstration
Wednesday November 7th  9:30-11:30 am First Floor. 
Red Flat Ringlet
Coptic Stitch collage cover book, "Red Flat Ringlet"
Residency continues November, December 2018

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View Collage Work up for Sale...
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Gallery Representation- Jane Wilcoxson Gallery in Mineral Point WI,Check out the Video  Fall Art Tour soon. 
And Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor, Door County WI. 

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Watch the process of how a Tack Down Tuesday piece is created

Self - Published Books for Sale 

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Tack Down Tuesday-Art Book Selection
Learn the Basics of Design with Collage-Instruction Guide book   
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