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Knowledge Peers is a directors' network with a difference. We cut out the armchair experts and enable business leaders to tap into each others' experience informally. This newsletter brings you just some of the 2000+ video interviews, articles and interactive guides available on our website.

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Have you ever worried about how much you are doing to raise the profile of your business or charity? We are devoting an entire event to publicity in all its forms - join us at the Getty Images Gallery in May.

  • On the theme of publicity, what can 'going green' mean for your public profile? Does it bring in more custom? What are the costs? Hear Charlie Bigham, founder of Bigham's meals, a major supplier to Waitrose, on why he chose sustainability.

  • We also hear from Andy Page, Director of Fundraising at Crisis, the homelessness charity famous for its 'Crisis at Christmas Campaign' - why are brands so important for charities?

Our best blogs feature Thomas Lawson, CEO of Leap Confronting Conflict, on 'Making hay out of uncertainty' and our CEO Chris Dines shares his thoughts on 'the shelf-life of shops'. Keep reading for Fast Growth Club and Charity Leaders' Exchange news, upcoming events and interviews.

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24th March 2011, 8am-2pm - We'd like you to save the date
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Our latest Knowledge Peers case studies: Charlie Bigham, Founder, Bigham's and Andy Page, Director of Fundraising, Crisis.

The 'big green' question: does sustainability make business sense?

Charlie Bigham is the Founder of Bigham's, a food manufacturer that makes 'homemade' meals for two, supplying Waitrose and Ocado. Charlie's business has flourished since its' creation in 1996 - a fundamental part of the brand focuses on healthy, hearty, sustainably produced food. In this clip, Charlie talks about why 'sustainability' works for him as a manufacturer and what it has cost him.

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Fundraising team or sales team?

Andy Page is the Director of Fundraising at Crisis, one of the largest homelessness charities in the UK. It's interesting that Andy has a background in marketing and advertising - he has transferred his previous work to the management of his fundraising team. What's the key to surpassing your fundraising target? Delivering to your donor - to find out how, watch the full interview.

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Blogs this week:

'Making hay out of uncertainty' - when change appears negative, how can charities make it a positive? Thomas Lawson, CEO, Leap Confronting Conflict blogs

“I feel for my colleagues: a new and untested Chief Executive, the government's seismic change in its approach to civil society and a lingering recession…” Click to read more

'Whither shops?' - Are physical retailers becoming redundant as the internet engulfs them? Knowledge Peers CEO, Chris Dines blogs

“I have no real experience of the retail sector. In fact, I don't have that much experience of shopping. However, lately I've been musing on why shops need to be there at all…”
Click to read more

Fast Growth Club News

Next event:

Raising your Profile

Have you ever worried that you are not doing enough to build the publicity of your growing business? Or just don't know how to?

Join the Fast Growth Club for an evening on PR, marketing and advertising:

Where: Getty Images Gallery, Oxford Circus
When: 6.30pm, 11th May 2011
Speakers include:
David Walter, First Take (Chair)
Charles Lewington, MD, Hanover
Caroline Kinsey, CEO, Cirkle

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What do you know about Intellectual Property? Does your fast growing business have any protection?

Hear from an expert - Adrian Murray, a Partner at W.P Thomson, explains more on our webcast

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The Fast Growth Club is sponsored by:

Charity Leaders' Exchange News

Interviews from the 'Developing your Fundraising as Products' event, 2nd February 2011

Ruth Nagg, Development Director, Basic Needs: "It's about selling rather than fundraising" Watch Ruth

Tom Latchford, CEO, Raising IT: "What we can learn from Tesco for fundraising" Watch Tom

Next event:

Paralysed by fear - managing your board as they manage your reserves

After our last Fundraising event we're already looking forward to the next. Join the Exchange to hear from speakers Lynne Berry, CEO, WRVS and Rodney Buse, Chair, Charity Trustee Network and Wendy Ellis, Finance Director, BTCV.


Where: RICS Building, Parliament Square
When: 6.00pm, 31st March 2011
Speakers include:
Roger Chester, LionHeart (Chair)
Lynne Berry, WRVS
Rodney Buse, Charity Trustee Networks
Wendy Ellis, BTCV
Andy Page, Crisis


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Find your next career challenge for 2011 and look out for these exciting events coming to a city near you!

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Leeds: Thursday 31st March at 6pm. Hosted by PwC
Sheffield: Tuesday 12th April at 6pm. Hosted by Nabarro LLP
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London: Wednesday 20th April at 6pm. Hosted by Nabarro LLP
May events are taking place in Cardiff and Bristol.

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