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Sterno Green is First Ever Chafing Fuel to Earn the
Green Restaurant Association’s Stamp of Approval

Chicago, IL – May 21, 2010. Sterno, the world’s number one brand in chafing fuels, is gearing up to launch Sterno Green, an environmentally sustainable addition to the products that have helped keep food warm for more than a century. Because of its new environmental merits, Sterno Green now meets the Green Restaurant Association’s (GRA) rigorous endorsement standards for chafing fuels and has earned the coveted GRA Endorsement. Developing this breakthrough product required a hands-on approach from both Sterno and the GRA, which resulted in a cleaner, healthier, greener fuel for the foodservice industry.

We reached out to the GRA last year because our customers wanted our product to be more environmentally friendly,” says Bruce Williamson, President of Sterno. “We wanted to do it in a transparent and legitimate way, where we could develop a new product that would meet a respected environmental standard.  So, we looked to the GRA for help. Together, we worked for months to develop a formula that’s better for the environment and for our customers.”

What makes Sterno Green such a big deal?
As a large company, Sterno could have come out with some new ‘green’ brochures and new ‘green’ marketing and painted a ‘green’ fluff over their products to give their customers the sense of being ‘green’.  Instead, they called the GRA, and Sterno said, ‘What do we need to do to our product to meet the GRA standards?’  It is quite rare for a company to listen to their customers, ask what they need to do, research and develop new sustainable versions, and begin selling… all within a 4 month period.

In the 20 years since the GRA was founded, I’ve seen groundbreaking developments in technology, design, performance, and efficiency of numerous products – this is certainly one of them,” says Michael Oshman, Founder and CEO of the Green Restaurant Association. “Sterno Green is exactly the kind of product that we’re proud to put our endorsement seal behind, because it takes an existing problem, like the use of toxic chemicals, and provides a sustainable solution that is equally effective and efficient. This type of drive and ingenuity is exactly what helps steer the green movement in the right direction,” says Oshman.

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About The Sterno Group
The Sterno® Group is a global leader and premium supplier of “portable fire” that is dedicated to supporting the global food service industry with tools that fuel innovation and drive profitability. A longtime champion in chafing fuel, the Sterno Group offers some of the finest, most dependable products on the market. This includes a butane culinary line and a complete offering of decorative table lighting products.

Founded in the United States in 1893, the Sterno Group helps caterers, restaurateurs and other food service professionals serve the best possible food in any situation — from a black tie event to a summer barbeque. All Sterno Brand heating products offer safety, reliability and top food quality by delivering the hottest, most consistent burn temperatures in the industry. The firm also makes continuous improvements to its manufacturing and marketing practices to reduce its impact on the environment.

For more information visit or call 1-847-294-1100 or the Toll Free Customer Service number at 1-877-478-3766.

About the Green Restaurant Association
2010 marks the 20th anniversary of the Green Restaurant Association’s (GRA) founding in 1990. The Green Restaurant Association is a national non-profit organization that provides the only official Certified Green Restaurants® mark in the country. For two decades, the GRA has pioneered the Green Restaurant® movement and has been the leading voice within the industry encouraging restaurants to listen to consumer demand and green their operations using transparent, science-based certification standards. With their turnkey certification system, the GRA has made it easy for thousands of restaurants to become more environmentally sustainable in a profitable manner.  The GRA is endorsed by scores of national environmental organizations such as NRDC and Environmental Defense, and esteemed trade organizations including the New York State Restaurant Association, Orange County Restaurant Association, and America Public Garden Association. The GRA is also an Energy Star partner. In 2010, Citysearch announced the GRA as their official Green Restaurant® listing partner. The GRA has been featured on CNN, NBC Nightly News, NPR, and in The New York Times, and The Washington Post. For more information visit

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