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Happy Independence Day!

"Let us celebrate our greatest gift we have in this country-freedom.. . . "

• Bursting with Energy! Let's Celebrate...

 We are on the path towards Energy Independence!

Let's celebrate that in the USA, there is a new Energy Bill half way through Congress!

It encourages use of alternative energy sources:

Solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, biomass and supports Green Jobs.  

Electric vehicles are moving into our world

EPA is getting to be an Environmental Protection Agency

Green Buildings in NYC, like World Team’s-- are developing around the world.

 “Copenhagen presents a  possibility of  a new Global Environmental Treaty.

Solutions are born.  

Let’s celebrate our “Independence” from the models by embracing Change- for our future. 


In truth we are all dependent on the love that we need from one another and more:  the air we breathe, water, food and something bigger and beyond each us -- call it “nature,” or “God” (call it what you will, but answer the call).


Ways to support World Team Now:

May you live your world dream in health, peace and happiness, with love and freedom

To T.E.A.M. work, a world team & your dream...

Ironic to celebrate” independence” when there is “dependence” on the Team of people who are all working to grow our World Team project.

We are ever indebted to your service and your contribution: especially, Albert Boulanger, Steve  Kalachman,  Diane and Stevens Kasselman, Amy Rea, Greg Thorpe, Lisa Urban, Dave Waltz, plus Diana Harari and our summer interns, in New York City at Columbia University’s CCLS, and of course the World Team Now Board of Directors.

Thank you All--- you know who you are!

(310) 917-9106 

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