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October 12th, 2012
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Renewable Energy Charges Forward  in California


World Team Now loves to share about alternative and renewable energy and technology— it is our goal to better educate the public about our choices with resources.  We hope you will join us in making educated choices about how to use our resources in a sustainable way, especially during this fragile time for humanity on planet earth.
EVs in the Public Now
Electric Vehicles are “Charging” forward! Alternative vehicles are reaching the public, with ride and drives, National Plug in Day parades and many other events like the test drive at CSU-CI before the Informational Hearing. World Team Now has done our share from demonstrating the charging at the Chili Cook Off to the AltCar Expo2012. World Team Now is planning an event in 2013. Sound like fun to you? If you want to weigh in on the date of choice please click here for our poll and vote. We will be growing our events committee so if you want to volunteer and contribute to the music, food, raffle, auction, dance and décor you are welcome to send an e-mail to We meet virtually so you can participate from where ever you are in the world. Look for more about our auction of the all electric Nissan Leaf.  
World Team Now at  the AltCar Expo

Demonstration Project
We plan to have the team together for the local Malibu Solar Carport Demonstration Pilot Project— World Team Now is eager to install the donated carport to supply the energy toward the EV charging and gift it towards a worthy cause that would help others in some capacity and demonstrate this alternative source of energy.   

CA State of Renewable Energy
California Leads the way forward right now where renewable energy is a non-partisan issue and is supported by both parties. It was standing room only for the Special Hearing on Alternative Energy where, Senators Fran Pavely announced Governor Brown signs into law the Energy Security Coordination Act which is SB1409 that has a path forward with energy security and climate change. Click here to read more….

Global Rio+20
Rio+20 was an adventure— that has taken awhile to process. It was an extraordinary experience, but at the same time the outcomes are very concerning for our global future.  In the upcoming blogs and newsletter, we will begin to take you back to digest the global perspective, and the experiences from the journey producing our two WTN events.  We hope by better digesting Rio+20, we will gain a better grasp of our global situation and a clearer path forward.
From the album Rio Side Event
Bi-Partisan Policy & Law
What has Falcon Winged doors is all electric and faster than Porsche AG’s 911 sports car and roomier than Audi AG (NSU)’s Q7 SUV?  It’s Tesla’s new Model X, an all electric SUV that has a 250 mile range on the battery.  It is one of the recipients of the California Energy Commission (CEC) awards where $20 million goes to support clean green projects. Many will be able to benefit from these funds besides Tesla Motors, Zero Motorcycles and Better Place. There will be 5,000 charging stations statewide and approximately $2 million to help local governments plan for more plug-in electric vehicles. Click here to read more.

Get Your T-Shirt
Special thanks go out to Action Embroidery. World Team Now has T-shirts & visors with our original logo T-Shirt & Visor Campaign.  These have been very popular— even now on sale in Malibu at the Malibu Beach Monkey.  If you want a T-shirt, you can gain one through giving one of World Team’s commodities— T.ime, E.nergy, A.ction,  M.oney! So show us how you spread the word about “being on” World Team Now using social media and you will be eligible for our monthly T-shirt award. The T-shirts are yours also with a $15 dollar or more tax deductible donation to World Team Now.  Thanks to you all, we are able achieve our mission to promulgate renewable energy projects and technology.
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Food Shop for WTN
Did you know that you can donate to WTN with your Ralph's Rewards Card? Click here  for more details. Those of you already registered, you need to re-register for the next cycle that started September 1st. 
Our ID: PNO#93435

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Send Flower for WTN
We teamed up with Organic Bouquet. If you click  here, World Team Now will receive a 5% donation of the purchase price of  our signature bouquet.

Old car for WTN
Donate your car to benefit WTN with Cars 4 Causes®

Find an EV for you
Even though our EV Chart is out of date, it still is a starting place to review vehicles available.  By 2014 almost all OEM’s will have an electric vehicle.

Use Social Media for WTN

Edwards Wildman 
WTN gives to a special thank you to the law firm, and especially Alan Friel. Check out Edwards Wildman's online resource center on issues relating to Advertising, Marketing & Promotions; Media & Entertainment; Privacy & Data Security; Intellectual Property & Technology, e-Commerce & Digital Media 

Last chance to join the annual go-to event for clean energy and technology, RETECH 2012. From educational panels to seeing the latest in innovative technology this event is more than a great networking opportunity to for the renewable energy sectors such as Wind, Solar, Tidal/Wave and other alternatives. RETECH has a great line-up of experts from the renewable energy community, including: Col. Robert Charette, Director, Expeditionary Energy Office, U.S. Marine Corps; Bryan Hannegan, Vice President, Environment and Renewables, Electric Power Research Institute; Drew Murphy, Executive Vice President, Strategy and M&A, NRG Energy, Inc. Click here for more in the lineup.

Visit the RETECH 21012 Website or register here
WTN is a media partner with RETETCH 2012  

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