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Happy Holidays!

We want to thank you for all that you do. In these times especially we all are remembering the true spirit of giving. We so value your T.ime E.nergy A.ction and M.oney.
More than ever we need a World Team Now(WTN)! When we reflect about this  year, it is still hard to ignore the reality of Fukushima, and the continued nuclear catastrophe. We celebrate this year of the EV and the growth of charging infrastructure. People overall are becoming more aware and starting to formulate a movement for the change. 

We teamed up for action with Tcktcktck who led the group of 300 plus organizations at COP17 and on various event and actions to educate the public on Climate Change and renewal energy campaigns. With both local and global activities like the Chili Cook Off, Earth Day, Moving Planet, and REFFWEST with our partners ACORE, we again supported the annual Tidal Energy Summit, and more! 

This year WTN did a Social Media Experiment, and started to use it for the first time, in fact we did a whole newsletter devoted to ways to build out constituency of support. Again we thank many of you who have helped us grow by taking action, thanks! We could use even more of you to take action now, please! We have been using our Blog, our WTN FaceBook page, Twitter, besides our WTN website to share up to the minute news, plus communications on environmental and social issues. 

World Team Now has much to celebrate this year; our WTN Board grew, and we welcomed three new Board Members. We were able to support the City of Malibu for the installation of new Electric Vehicle Chargers.  It is wonderful to drive an all electric Nissan Leaf which I’ve had the pleasure and the challenge of being an early adapter. What a joy to charge the vehicle from solar, these are things to celebrate! 

We are open for suggestions for locations to do our solar installation. We have some candidates for the demonstration project and we welcome any other ideas for the solar panels.  We would like the solar panels to go ideally to a deserving recipient, in a publicly visible place.
Join the program that allows you to shop and WTN will get a percentage of the amount you spend of groceries at Ralphs by registering your Rewards card— find out more about this program here.
Write a recommendation for World Team Now if you use PayPal Advantage, and WTN may be one charity PayPal chooses to give to this Holiday!

Help us build our constituency and write a recommendation of World Team Now on Facebook and share it! (See the right column on WTN’s Facebook page.)

If you have an old car, considering donating in the Cars 4 Causes® program for WTN.

The gift of pure air is a great gift to give, so we recommend checking Austin Air Purifiers out!

Know we always appreciate donations— no amount is too small.

Please consider giving the gift that gives twice this year by making a donation in another’s name. Donate before December 31 at midnight to take advantage of your contribution being deductible as a charitable contribution in 2011 for United States federal income tax purposes.

Wishing you and your loved ones much health, peace, and prosperity now for this Holiday Season and in the New Year!

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