A Holiday, Celebrate, we begin our Social Media Campaign!  Please Join us!
World Team Now is growing, thanks to you!  It is becoming a true global team effort.  The vision for the World Team multi-media project plans to be a game changer, at the right time.  Until that time we have just started to build our global constituency of our non-profit World Team Now through social media. 

We are beginners to it all and we could use your help!  If you are already in the know then you know what to do here! We are just learning about the possibilities of outreach and here is what we found to be of value for now, thanks for your patience: Will you join us?
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We are tweeting from the name; WorldTeam1. The advantage of twitter is you can find out what is happening in real time and often get news before any journalists have the time to write articles.  Life as it happens is the valuable world of Twitter. It is brief and in real time through the computer and/or text messages- if you like.  It is really easy to use and we believe this is the fastest game changer. We will tweet about what we are experiencing when it has collective relevance or is significant to us all. Twitter is where we will send the link to our original articles that are not in the blog, and before publishing.  You can retweet, of simply post tweets on your website, Facebook page, or put them in an e-mail to friends.  Click here for some recent Tweets on the radiation.  Please share!

Subscribe to World Team Now’s Blog on Word Press through FeedBurner. (Your information is confidential, we do not share.) You can get an e-mail when we post a new blog.   You will get “pre-news” information about local/global topics like the one we are about to post on Electric Vehicles, before the article appears in the published journal.   If you want to understand the nuclear situation that continues, we have been covering this extensively with many posts, on the right of the blog there is a table of content where it says Recent Posts like;  Facebook: “Click Like Us” on World Team Now’s page; World Team Now just started a Facebook page, be one of the first people to join us!  Please go into Facebook and click “like us” on World Team Now’s page.  Please post pictures or comments to our wall. It also helps to post links to our blogs; re-tweet, or post tweets, comment on WTN’s page, or an article or blog post.  Building our team is important so you can help us build our virtual community by sharing the page with your friends!  Please “share” the World Team Now Facebook page with other friends.

Since they don’t allow friendships on non-profit organization’s page – just click “Like Us” – and you can make a “friendship request” on Facebook to Suzanne Maxx or any of the World Team Now’s board members to support our growth. 

View our pictures and video clips in Picasa Albums, see what we have been up to, activities, events and see how we are interacting with the world! Get an RSS feed of the albums here.

 These are very rough videos, one on the recent Electric Vehicle Charger Initiative we recently did in Malibu.  Most are from the phone, basic clips – these are not part of World Team media project and the production quality here is really grass roots!  But hope you enjoy. 

Suzanne MaxxJoin us on World Team Now’s website: here is where you can choose how you want to participate with World Team Now: volunteer, areas of interest, questions, or interact with us. This will keep you up to speed with WTN cares most about, until you can interact with us when World Team multi-media project comes out.

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 It takes a team, thank you for being on it!

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