Attitude of Gratitude
Thanks for Giving  T.ime E.nergy A.ction M.oney
Coming into these Holidays, more than ever, we are thankful.  We are so grateful for the dedicated team of people who have helped to grow our nonprofit World Team Now, (this is our website, please click here)

Thank you all, all who have chipped in to make team work to give of your Time, your Energy, take Action or give Money! Our journey to educate by demonstrating solutions to environmental and social challenges is getting easier, as we become more aware and genuinely interested in how we each can live in better balance with our global resources, each other and our selves.
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We appreciate your patience as we have been working on World Team.TV's launch which is indeed a big milestone, even if it is place holder right now, please watch us, and help us grow! After two decades World Team will begin to support World Team Now.

Check out WorldTeam.TV's online start here: Our hope is to start casting online before December 21st 2012. 

Please consider making a donation to World Team Now we would not be here today if someone did not find value in the importance of educating the public about adopting a greater stewardship for our home, planet earth. Our future is in your hands, our world's hands and we are grateful to all who are helping to raise awareness.  Please consider making a gift to World Team Now your donation no matter how small, supports our work. Click here to Donate Now. We are entirely support by donations, and any amount adds up to make team work!  Thanks for Giving!

Our goal is raise awareness, so we all can play in the peaceful transformation of our world. We hope you find this to be of value:
Tidal Energy is one of the emergent forms of renewable energy World Team Now (WTN) thinks has a big future, after all, isn’t most of our world ocean?  The answer may be in the earth (geothermal energy) air (wind energy), fire (solar energy) and water (tidal energy). We invite all interested in renewable energy to get familiar with the Tidal Today. For the 6th year our World Team project is excited to be able to be a media partner to help promote and support The Tidal Summit in London! Click here to learn more!

We teamed up with Organic Bouquet. If you click here, World Team Now will receive a 5% donation of the purchase price of our signature bouquet.

Food shopping for the Holidays can help support our work through Ralph’s program, click here!

It’s time to shout with gratitude to all the people who have helped to make World Team, especially our board and committee members, volunteers, donors, and supporters! We are also thankful for Edwards/Wildman's legal support! Team works!

May you and your family be full of gratitude!  Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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