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World Team Now
June 2011
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"Will your next car be electric?"

Many people do not realize there are many electric vehicles available, and the size of this Electric Vehicle (EV) wave now breaking. World Team Now is riding the EV wave. 

“Vehicle Electrification: Status and Issues,”  is published in the June special Smart Grid issue of The Proceedings of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).  This game changing research paper shows we can transform the energy equation. It serves as a reference to better understand electric vehicles; their availability, costs, charging, infrastructure, batteries, renewable energy sources, and even rare earths.  It also explores how to have your car turn into a resource generator to store and sell energy, and be more profitable. To read more, click here


Electric Vehicles’ Karma”, World Team Now’s blog on EVs, like an appetizer to get familiar with some of the new cars, hear from some of the auto manufactures directly and learn the basics about EVs, plus it keeps being updated. One information gap is public understanding of the important fit between electric vehicles and the smart grid. To read more, click here.

Evidence of the fast breaking wave, is that, as we write, there are new fast charging options just being announced!

"Vehicle electrification can ease dependence on polluting petroleum that is causing global climate change, yet many people are not fully informed on how electric vehicles will fit into their lives." A different version of the article was published and globally distributed by Environment News Service. To read the article “The Karma of Electric Vehicles”, click here. 

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