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The Latest In Energy  

Consider this Now: 20 billion dollars for renewable energy and 11 billion to modernize the US electrical grid -500 million in Green Jobs and more...
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Geo-thermal
  • Tidal
  • PEV's

2009 Global Renewable Energy Events/Conferences  

 What is a Net Meter?  How do I benefit & save on electricity?

What are the public policies & docs that affect our world how we use, and relate to energy?

Solar PV, Concentrated Thermal Solar Farms, Thin Film Cells, Nano Technology---how do I keep up with understanding what is possible with Solar Energy?

Is there really hope for our oceans to be a safe and reliable source of energy, and what is the latest in wave and

Is it true that the new emerging government stimulus package supports many of the ideas World Team Now is focused on, how will that affect me?

What about energy efficiency, "Energy Star, LED Lights?   What are some good products?


Our Focus: Energy & Resources

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Know you are already an important part of our World Team, just by being you, thanks.  It is time we all to explore ways we better live in balance with our world. 

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It is time for World Team Now. 

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