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Skaters in Venice Beach, CA  Wheel In Renewable Energy for World Team Now's participation in 10-10-10, a day of Global Action!  
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Here is a link to my article  that was recently published titled “Solar Power, Game-Changing Key to the Energy Future".  This news aggregate is global and the article is published in a variety of places through Environmental News ServiceClick here, for more about Solar Power International
A third of all animals and plants on earth face extinction -- endangered blue whales, coral reefs, and a vast array of other species. A Biodiversity Pact was Signed at the The UN Convention on Biodiversity in Japan,  to sign the Biodiversity treaty click here

A special thank you to all of the people who have been helping to grow our World Team!  You know who you are...

Thanks for holding the vision for our "World Team," through time.
The World Team project is about raising awareness around social and environmental  issues and we are focused on renewable energy demonstration projects.  
California, (where our non-profit organization, World Team Now began), is a leader in renewable energy and policy. Proposition AB 23 is a threat to all of the progress we have made here in CA with renewable energy.   
Please Vote "NO" on prop 23,  and a "Yes" AB 32!  To learn more, read an article or to see Avatar James Cameron's video, click here
In the USA,  for a state to state guide to VOTE  smart for environment click here
Please join us in being a stand for both national and international policy that supports renewable, clean energy!  
If you are interested in learning more about the energy sourced from the earth, wind, sun, and water and want to grow with us towards solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, alternative transportation and other energy sources, please join World Team Now!
There are many ways to help us grow, think T.E.A.M.  Please consider  giving resources of your choice T.ime E.nergy A.ction M.oney.  
It takes a team---Thank You!
Happy Halloween and a birthday wish is that--  we can make a difference.  This is not a trick...Know you are a treat!
Upcoming International Events of Importance:
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We are very excited about 4th annual International Tidal Energy Summit, and World Team has been a media partner since its beginning!  
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Send someone you love the gift of flowers and support World Team Now at the same time.  Please order WTN’s Morning Star bouquet from Organic Bouquet! 
The World Team Project is getting ready to begin casting for the multi-media series. For more info. put "casting" in the comment section here.
Contact: 30765 PCH #337 Malibu, CA 90265 USA | 310.917.9106

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