Governor signs school funding changes into law!
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Governor Signs Local Control Funding Formula into Law!
Governor Brown signed sweeping education legislation (Local Control Funding Formula - LCFF) yesterday that changes the state funding formula for K-12 schools to promote equity and boost the academic achievement of students in the highest-need school districts. Every student in the state of CA will receive additional funding since the legislation raises the "Base Grant" – the standard level of funding that each student is set to receive. But it also will provide $2.1 billion more to school districts that have high numbers of students from lower-income families, who have limited English proficiency or are foster children.
While the final legislation is a “compromise” and does not contain everything community groups advocated for, we nevertheless consider this an education equity victory, particularly given that we were able to increase the concentration grant (the extra funds earmarked for high-need districts) and also influence the pace of LCFF implementation so that it will go into effect this fall. 
Coleman supported LCFF as a member organization of the Campaign for Quality Education and Fair Share 4 Kids, two coalitions who helped lead efforts to move forward LCFF and continue to provide visionary leadership in the ongoing fight for equity-based education funding. 
The state budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year took effect yesterday and provides about $55.3 billion in local and state revenue for K-12 education and two-year community colleges. That's an increase of more than $8 billion over the 2011-12 level. California's spending package also calls for $1.2 billion in one-time money for districts to implement the "common core" standards in English and math, which are more academically rigorous and are intended to better prepare students for college and a career. The money can be spent as districts choose on areas such as teacher training, instructional materials and technology.  
Check out this clip from last evening’s Channel 7 news to see Coleman Organizer Kevine Boggess comment on the importance of LCFF!  

Kevine on LCFF on channel 7


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