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Friday January 31, 2014



Bruce Prichard Shoot Interview: This could be the biggest shoot interview that RFVIDEO has ever conducted as we were able to sit down with one of the most powerful men in the history of the wrestling business... Vince McMahon's right hand man Bruce Prichard!!!

In a million years I never thought we would be able to sit down with one of the top 3 WWE executives of the last 50 years. If you know the business, you know there was Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson and Bruce Prichard. There were others like JJ Dillon and Jim Ross, but none of them made as much of an impact, dealt with more huge stars, or wielded as much power and influence behind the scenese as Bruce Prichard. Whether it was running and producing the TV tapings during the late 80's and 90's, heading the talent relations department and working closely with every major name in the company during his more than two decade long stay with the company, Bruce Prichard did it all. He was there for it all, and to use a popular phrase from the eeriely similar mafia world, Bruce "knows where the bodies are buried"...

Bruce Prichard's relationship with Vince McMahon was well documented. Outside of Linda McMahon herself, no other person on the planet spent as much time with 'the boss' as Bruce. He rode the company jet, had daily meetings with Vince and Pat Patterson at the massive McMahon compound in Greenwich, and played a role in all the key decisions that went on daily inside the "machine" now known as "World Wrestling Entertainment". Prichard was there for all the highs and lows, the controversies, the deaths, the drama and the debauchery that occured at Titan Tower and at Arenas all over the world. He was there during all the creative meetings whether it was booking TV, PPV's, NBC Specials, house shows, the XFL and everything in between.

Prichard was a producer for some of the biggest storylines and angles that ever unfolded on WWE TV and worked with every big name and personality that came through the brass doors along the way. From Jesse Ventura to Jim Ross, JJ Dillon to Jerry Jarrett, Paul Heyman to Vince Russo, Jim Cornette, Michael Hayes, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Triple H, Mr. Perfect, Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Jake 'the Snake' Roberts, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Bobby Heenan, Gorilla Monsoon, Eric Bischoff, and everyone else along the way. Bruce Prichard lived through it all.

For the first time, Bruce Prichard sits down in front of the RF Video cameras and discusses it ALL. This near 7 hour interview gives you the inside scoop on every major story and we discuss every rumor, differentiate between fact and fiction and question Bruce about all the big names he encountered along the way. When a guy like Bruce Prichard sits down for his first shoot interview, you might expect him to sugarcoat some things or avoid some of the bigger controversies. but Bruce did just the opposite. He was open and honest, and took on every topic with the same passion and fearlessness he displayed when dealing with the biggest personalities in the most brutal industry on the planet.

Of course, Bruce Prichard's WWE career came to an end a few years ago, but that wasn't the end of his career in pro wrestling. After he left "New York", he headed down south to TNA in an attempt to help build the company that many thought could one day compete with the WWE. Bruce took us behind the scenes at Total Non-stop Action and tells us what life is like working alongside Dixie Carter and friends and reveals just how dysfunctional things can be in a young company that so many want to see succeed. We learn about all the differences and similarities behind the scenes between the two companies and Bruce tells us just what went wrong down in Orlando (and on the road) as TNA struggles for credibility in a business dominated by Vince McMahon.

Davey Richards Shoot Interview: A talent the likes of Davey Richards doesn't come around very often. An athlete with such talent and skill, mixed with a desire to be the very best at what he does is rare in any line of work, and in the professional wrestling business, a mixture of those traits can take you straight to the top. Mix in a fear of no man or their feelings, and the ability to get everyone's attention when you speak can make you a lightning rod, and that's just what Davey Richards has become, albeit unwillingly in the last few years. Now with one big chapter of his career firmly placed in his rearview mirror, Davey Richards sat down with RF Video for the first time to speak his mind and share his views on everything that has transpired between him and Ring of Honor, Jim Cornette, Kevin Steen, Gabe Sapolsky, and the next step of his career which awaits down in Florida.

During our interview with Davey Richards, we cover it all, from his start in the Pacific Northwest and his rapid rise across the country to becoming a dominant Champion in Ring of Honor, all the controversy that comes with it, and his position as a heavily sought after "free agent" with an even brighter future. Right from start, evidence of Davey Richards passion pours out of him as we discuss every topic on the table, including those that you the RF Video fans wanted to hear about. Richards is a man with a big heart, lofty goals, and an attitude that has inspired him to be the very best. We discuss the entire fallout with Ring Honor, and his unusual arrangement with Triple H and the WWE, and what if any plans he has for a backup in case things don't work out. We left no stone unturned and asked Davey not just about the good times, but also those that weren't so great. His rise to prominence did not come without a few roadblocks along the way. There were failed relationships, both personal and business and feelings were hurt in the process, and we discuss it all.

In addition, RF Video is proud to offer a very special and EXCLUSIVE bonus feature on this DVD and it comes in the form of a face to face confrontation that many people, including those involved NEVER thought would happen. That confrontation is one between Davey Richards and Gabe Sapolsky, and we captured it all on the camera as the two sat down face-to-face and discussed the very public deteriotation of their relationship which surprised many, and left a friendship in ruins. What happens when two of the biggest personalities in wrestling discuss all the accusations, the arguments, disagreements and differences on camera for the first time in over 2 years? You will find out as RF Video brings you an exclusive 30 minute face to face between Davey Richards and Gabe Sapolsky as a bonus to you for ordering this interview. You won't want to miss this one, or the interview that accompanies it as Davey Richards and RF Video team up for the first time!

Matt Morgan Shoot Interview: When Matt Morgan was first called up to the WWE ten years ago, many believed he was about to embark on what was sure to be a long and prosperous career with the global leader in sports entertainment. Upon his debut, he was thrown right into the fire, working with the biggest names in the business atop the biggest events in the industry. What happened in the years to follow was a roller coaster of roadblocks and obstacles, but the whole way Morgan remained optimistic that his time would come. A decade later, Matt Morgan has enjoyed extended success in the world of professional wrestling, but he still hasn't reached the very top of the business with the WWE, or come even close to reaching the potential that many believe he had and still has. Both in and outside the ring, Matt has had a life full of ups and downs, and his journey is both heartbreaking at times and also inspirational. In late 2013, Matt's seven year run with TNA came to a very surprising and controversial end, and for the first time, Morgan has decided to sit down exclusively for the RF Video cameras and tell all about a very accomplished, and also frustrating run as one of wrestling's biggest (literally) stars.

When we sat down with Matt, we had no idea what to expect and we knew very little about the real Matt Morgan away from bright lights and tv cameras. In the 4+ hours that followed, we came to respect Morgan as a man who has been through more adversity than most and lived to tell about it. Matt went into excrutiating detail about the life of an addict, a disease he struggled with everyday for nearly five years at a time when his career was just starting to take off. In this video, you will learn what substances Matt's struggled with, how he got it, what life in the WWE and international locker rooms is like as an addict and just what happened that caused him to hit rock bottom and turn his life around. Matt also talked about helping many of his brothers in the business who have had similar struggles, including Kurt Angle, a man who has publically battled his demons for nearly a decade. Matt also had a very traumatic childhood in the classroom, and bounced from school to school until participating in an experimental program that will shock you when you hear just what it entailed. Morgan's story of persevereance in the face of ADHD, learning disabilities and drug addiction is both heartbreaking and inspiring, and it's a story you need to hear. Of course, this was just a fraction of the topics we covered with Matt during his first sitdown in front of the RF Video cameras....

We also discussed Matt's entire WWE run, from his chance meeting with Vince McMahon in the WWE gym before he ever began training to be a wrestler, to his initial introduction to the WWE Universe as part of MTV's 'Tough Enough' reality show, and his arrival in OVW and eventually the bright lights of Monday Night RAW and Smackdown. Matt will tell you what went on behind the scenes with his development, and who was instrumental in helping guide him through the early stages of his career. Matt worked at OVW with some of the biggest names in the business, including John Cena, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow and many more. What were these superstars like before hitting the big time? Matt will tell you.

Matt's WWE run came to an abrupt and shocking end in 2005 before he fully reached his potential, and Matt himself was caught by surprise by his release. Matt will tell you all about that difficult day and who told him he was out, and what they told him he needed to do to return. After his relase, Matt went international, working extensively in Japan for All Japan, New Japan and HUSTLE, and worked with the country's biggest names and icons, and he'll tell you all about life as a gaijin in the land of the Rising Sun.

Matt also of course had a long run with TNA, where he worked nearly everyone on the roster and was part of the company during their expansion to Spike, live tv tapings, the introduction of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, and everything else in between. Matt will take you behind the scenes of the Impact Zone and tell you what life is like at TNA and how it compares to his time and life in the WWE.


Wrestling's Best Unsigned Talents Vol. 2- Tony Nese & Alex Reynolds: When you think of "rising stars" on the independent wrestling scene, a handful of names come to mind but very few have come as far and soared to the top of the list in the last two years as New York's own Anthony Nese and Alex Reynolds. In this latest edition of RF Video's 'Best Unsigned Talent' series, we introduce you to Nese and Reynolds and sit them down for a no-holds barred interview on the first part of their blossoming careers. In addition, we give you a front row seat in an empty arena as Nese and Reynolds square off once again for bragging rights in an exclusive one-on-one encounter for the RF Video fans. These two young stars are great friends, but they are also very competitive, and only one can wear the title of 'Best Unsigned Talent' on this DVD! Who will it be?

Nese and Reynolds are on the fast track to success in the grueling world of professional wrestling. They have totally different styles yet they are both considered among the very best at what they do. We discussed their rise to prominence with them in a nearly 3 hour shoot interview where we talk about their humble beginning at the NYWC school, their encounters with WWE Stars Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins and what they learned from each, and their soaring status as major league players among the top independent companies in the world like Pro Wrestling Syndicate, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, CZW and more. Of course, an interview with Anthony Nese wouldn't be complete without discussing his bizarre run under contract with TNA. We discuss his entire stay with TNA which the entire wrestling world agrees was botched by Dixie Carter and friends right from the start. We find out just what led Nese to sign with TNA, who he spoke with inside the company, his interactions with Dixie, Hogan and Bischoff, and everyone else he encountered during his run in the fledgling company. We also ask him why he decided to leave, and just what hoops he had to jump through to get his release. Nese and Reynolds are smart, intelligent and very funny, and they both have a very bright future ahead of them and you will get to learn why first-hand in this exclusive release from RF Video!

Terry Funk & Manny Fernandez Wrestling Seminar: One of pro wrestling's all-time greatest legends, Terry Funk, teaches up and coming wrestlers about the art of wrestling--from all aspects. The former NWA World Champion and ECW World Champion shows wrestlers what a difference the simple (and often overlooked) details can make in the way of selling and psychology. To hear Terry (who is a retired SAG actor in addition to being one of the greatest wrestlers to ever live) speak to wrestling students about cutting a promo is priceless. His experience shows as he discusses subtleties to consider when talking in front of a camera. The seminar's other instructor, accomplished pro wrestler and trainer "Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez, was also a student of Terry Funk's at the beginning of his career. Fernandez, who held the NWA World Tag Team titles with both Dusty Rhodes and Rick Rude, teaches wrestlers what it takes to make it in today's industry. This Texas Legends class is a must see for all pro wrestlers and anyone who is interested in intricate techniques of great pro wrestling.


Breaking Kayfabe with Jim Cornette: "I'm wrestling crazy." That may say it all, from the lips of our most recent guest on the series that seeks to get inside the people of the wrestling business. Jim Cornette joins Sean on Breaking Kayfabe to probe all that contributes to his admitted anger issues. Jim's most recent hiatus from wrestling has brought him a clarity and happiness he'd not experienced in years...and he agrees to head down the dark path here at the risk of upsetting the applecart by going through the entire Ring of Honor catastrophe from start to finish.

Jim tackles all that went wrong there, and also addresses TNA, his struggle with anger, and the falling out between him and Kayfabe Commentaries after producing the shoot industry's most celebrated programs together. It's nearly three hours of Cornette's dark journey. Are you ready for it?

Refereeing 101 with Jimmy Korderas: The professional wrestling referee is sometimes a lost or overlooked art in our industry. However, a referee can make a good match unwatchable or make an ok match great based on how much they know of what to do, when, why, and how.

Now, in a very rare opportunity, legendary WWE referee Jimmy Korderas will open up about the ins and outs, rights and wrongs, subtleties and nuances of being a professional wrestling referee. Jimmy’ WWE career spans 22 years and thousands of marquee matches viewed by millions of people. From officiating WWF Live Events in the Ontario region to the main event of WrestleMania, and everywhere in between, Korderas has seen, experienced, and taken part in it all.

We’ll sit Jimmy down for an in-depth interview before heading into the ring with Jimmy & seven of independent wrestling’s finest zebras under the learning tree. Jimmy will discuss what he feels are the do’s and don’ts of the art of officiating, talk about his beginnings and some very entertaining stories along the way, and explain the true job and importance of a credible official and the psychology behind it. He’ll cover working with talent, dealing with injuries & mistakes, how to get hired, and many important parts of the job most may take for granted! If you ever wondered what that referee is really doing in the ring, or thought about donning the stripes yourself, get ready to go to class and learn Refereeing 101!

Best of Brodie Lee in CZW: Brodie Lee, now known as Luke Harper of the Wyatt Family in the WWE, was a force to reckon with on the independent wrestling circuit. After causing waves Brodie Lee eventually made his way to CZW and left a trail of debris behind him. Thanks to this new addition to our Best of CZW series you can now see every Brodie Lee match from the Combat Zone in full on this new DVD release!


Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling #8- 12/14/13 Avenel, NJ:
1. Missy Sampson vs. La Rosa Negra (Best of 3 Falls Match)
2. Amber Rodriguez vs. Jennifer Cruz (Street Fight)
3. Jessie Kaye & Sienna Duvall vs. Angel Dust & Vanity
4. Mia Yim & Alexxis Nevaeh vs. Niya & Hania
5. Grandma Butcher & La Rosa Negra vs. Annie Social & Sumie Sakai
6. Jessie Kaye vs. Sienna Duvall
7. Mia Yim vs. Alexxis Nevaeh
8. La Rosa Negra vs. Grandma Butcher
9. La Rosa Negra vs. Jessie Kaye vs. Mia Yim

NYWC TOUR DE CIRCUS 12/21/13 Deer Park, NY:
1. Alex Reynolds vs. John Silver
2. Apollyon & Bill Carr vs. Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers)
3. Jolly Roger vs. Jesse Neal
4. DJ Hyde vs. King Mega
5. Athletic Inc. (Jesse Vane, Matt Justice & Marti Belle) vs. Mikey Whipwreck, Stockade & Chrissy Rivera
6. Grim Reefer vs. Alvin Alvarez vs. Chris Edl vs. JT Kasin vs. Joe Gacy vs. Sozio
7. Rack & Sack (Dickie Rodz & Nikki Addams) vs. J-Redd & Justin Toxic
8. Drew Gulak vs. Papadon
9. Justin Credible vs. Matt Striker
10. Mike Mondo & Blake Morris vs. The Big O & Francis Kipland Stevens

CZW Answering the Challenge 1/11/14 Voorhees, NJ:
1. Drew Gulak (c) vs. Lucky 13
2. BLK OUT (c) vs. Beaver Boys
3. Biff Busick vs. Chris Dickinson
4. Kimber Lee addresses Christina Von Eerie
5. Danny Havok vs. Aeroboy
6. O14K vs. The Juicy Product
7. Alex Colon (c) vs. Devon Moore
8. Greg Excellent w/Cherry Bomb vs. Joe Gacy
9. MASADA vs. Alexander James
10. Shane Strickland vs. Azrieal vs. Pepper Parks

Resistance Pro- Caress of Steel:


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