Sugar Delites November Newsletter
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Sugar Delites November 2012 Newsletter


Hello sugar friends!!

I'm very excited to bring you this newsletter! It's been in the works for awhile now...  Since a whole lot of us LUV sugar shoes, I thought I would devote a newsletter to this very subject :-)  We are proud to bring you a GORGEOUS tutorial by the very talented Iris Rezoagli of NY.  But first, some of our exciting NEW products!!!


We are VERY excited to bring a brand NEW mold line to Sugar Delites, by the very talented Dominic Palazzolo of Marvelous Molds.  Dominic is a master at what he does... these molds are superior quality and OH SO beautiful!!!  Here's just a snip it of what we carry:

Swirl center

Swirl Centerpiece - see here

flourish border

Flourish Border Mold - see here

pretty in pleats 4

Pretty In Pleats - see here

unity 3

Unity mold - See here

left scrll

Left scroll ensemble - see here (we also have the right version)

To see the whole collection, please put your cursor over the mold category and the sub categories will pop up.  Click on Marvelous molds.


Also NEW are these wonderful texture tops by Autumn Carpenter.  We have two different sets... Autumn embossed the fondant, then filled in with softened royal icing.  SOOooo nice!!!

textrure tops1

Winter cupcake and cookie tops - see here

Christmas cupcake and cookie tops - see here


SUGAR DELITES has GIFT CERTIFICATES!  We can do any dollar amount you wish.  How fun would it be for you to pick out your cake toys for Christmas.

Gift Certificates...

We have a gift certificate category on the homepage.



To keep in our shoe theme, I have a wonderful tip from our tutorial sugar artist, Iris Rezoagli:

"To make a perfect heel from the silicone heel mold, spray the mold first using Pam cooking spray and wipe out any excess.  Then use straight gumpaste and it will pop right out, no freezing necessary. "

GREAT tip Iris!!!  We will keep this in mind when using the heel mold.  Thank you!!


2013 Classes!!

Here at Suger Delites, we are SUPER excited to host one of the true masters of sugar, Robert Haynes.  Robert is coming from the UK.  His work is breathtaking.  Here's some photos of some of his sugar creations:

Avalanche rose

robert tulip

Robert will be doing two classes here in Manistee, MI at Sugar Delites.

April 29/30 and May 1, Avalanche rose, slipper orchid, lily and grape leaf vine.

May 3-4-5, Avalanche rose, lily, tulip and grape leaf vine.

Cost is $650.00 (lunch included) plus some cutters and veiners you will need to purchase.
Don't miss this one!  It is sure to be a fantastic class!  You can see more of his work on Facebook.

Email me for any additional information and to sign up for classes.

 Jennifer :-)


Ok, here we go!  Hold on tight because you will be blown away by this fabulous shoe tutorial by Iris Rezoagli of Cakes Dreams By Iris.  A special thank you to Iris for fitting this into her schedule in the midst of hurricane Sandy.  Our hearts go out to all our friends on the east coast...

Supplies: gumpaste, fondant, color gel blue royal, rolling pin, feathers silicone molds(sugar Delites) Feather large by Iris, Feather small by iris, high heel shoe kit #2 (Sugar Delites), wire #20, sugar glue, gourmet writer pens (Sugar Delites)

Iris 1

2.  Start by spraying cooking spray to the heel silicone mold and wipe it with paper towel. Mix 50/50 (gumpaste/fondant) (this mix is modeling paste) and the apply the color royal blue. Make a cone with the modeling paste and push on the silicone mold, cut a wire #20 of a 4 inch long and insert the wire in the heel for stability and let dry for one day.

Iris 2

3.  Day after the heel has been made stretch modeling paste very thin then apply water with a brush to the heel and cover.  Cut the excess. Let dry the heel for 4 days.

Iris 3

4.  Stretching the modeling paste with a rolling pin, leave the sole part thick so you will get the platform of the shoe and cut with the shoe cutter. Then stretch more modeling paste and this time all evenly thin and the cut with the shoe cutter this is the insole.

Iris 4

5.  Glue the platform and the insole, and place in the styrofoam form, and glue the heel to the sole.

Iris 5

6.  Stretch modeling paste and cut with the template and use the stitching tool

Iris 6

Iris 7

8.  Stretch modeling paste not too thin, and cut it with the template

Iris 8

9.  Glue to the back to the shoe, and let dry for 3 days.

Iris 9

10.  Stretching white gumpaste and write the brand of the shoe in this case (Jimmy Choo) with gourmet writer pen, mark the edges with stitching tool.

Iris 10

11.  Glue into the shoe use paper towels for support let dry for 1 hour

Iris 11

12. Cut modeling paste 3  1/2" long.

Iris 12

13.  Silicone mold, exacto knife, gumpaste

Iris 13 2

14.  Iris 14

Stretch modeling paste very thin and mark with the feather silicone give the shape with a scissor and make created feather effect using exacto knife cutting an angle around the feather

Iris 15

16.  Glue to the shoe

Iris 16

17.  Do the same procedure, but with a 4 1/2 inch long feather veiner.

Iris 17

18.  Feather #3 a 5 1/2 inch long,feather #4 6 1/2 long. And the same procedure, using the big feather silicone mold, for the overlapping feather cut 7 inch long.

Iris 18

19.  Glue the feather to the shoe let dry for 1 day.

Iris 19

AND.... HERE is the finished sugar shoe!!  STUNNING to say the least!  Thank you so much Iris for sharing this with all of us!

Iris blue shoe1

Iris blue shoe

If you would like to submit a tutorial for our newsletter, please zip me a line and let me know what you have in mind.  We will give you a $25.00 gift certificate for your efforts.  It's easy, if you are already doing a project, just take step by steps and then fill in the wording.




In keeping with our shoe theme, I thought it would be fun to post different sugar shoes made by our customers.  Thanks to all who submitted photos to us!

First, we have this beauty from
Annmarrie Cork.  I'll show you a couple shots since the back is sooo pretty!!!  Thanks Annmarrie!



Annmarrie used our shoe kit # 2 (By Cake Structure) and the clear bling.


Next we have this sleek, modern shoe by Sonia Ackley.  Thanks Sonia!!



How about this shiny pearl shoe by Connie Ryan!  LOVE it!!
Thanks Connie :-)




Just look at this beauty by
Jenny Amaya, GORGEOUS!  Thanks for sharing Jenny.



Next we have a little twist from the norm.... by Gail Young.  Gail made her shoe then filled it with beautiful sugar flowers.  How pretty!  She finished it off with an edible wafer paper butterfly.
Thanks for the great idea Gail!




Next we have this red beauty by Loretta Nicholas.  Thanks so much for sharing.  I like how she mounted it to a base for more stability.


Here's how it looked on her "diva" cake :-)

Loretta 2

Loretta used our 2 piece brooch oval set and clutch bag by JEM.


Here's a bling shoe and what looks like a chocolate shoe by Sandra Pointer.  Love the sparkle!  Thanks Sandra.


Sandra 2

We have the chocolate shoe molds in two sizes, large and small.
Instructions are e-mailed to you at the time of purchase.

And.... one more from Sandra.  Thanks sooo much!

Sandra 3

LOVE LOVE the purse!!!!  (and the shoe, too :-)


Ok, I think we HAVE to crown Iris Rezoagli the sugar shoe QUEEN!!!  The following pictures are MORE of Iris's beautiful sugar art work.
I can't thank you enough for sharing your stunning creations with all of us.  We all know what Iris does in her spare time :-)


iris 21

Iris used one of our most popular brooches on the red shoe, brooch fancy jewel.

Iris red shoe

Iris black shoe

Iris 23

OMG..... she is just amazing!!

Iris 24

OMG.....LUV LUV this one!!!!!

Are you on TOTAL SUGAR shoe overload???  LOL!  As you can see, the creativity is endless on what you can do with this kit :-)  Just have FUN!  That's what it's all about....  :-)


SPECIAL!!!!  We are working with Cake Structure (who makes our shoe kits) and together, we are offering a f
FREE rose mold with the sale of a shoe kit!  Free mold offer good thru 11/22/12.

Here's what the mold looks like:

Small Rose


For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving...I wish you a safe and blessed holiday. 

Until next month....

Happy Caking!

Sweet regards,

Jennifer Dontz :-)
Sugar Delites



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