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Slim Chances

When I was diagnosed with multiple health challenges, I remember a group of doctors looked at me and said, “Your chances are slim to none.” They urged me to stop fighting and succumb to my illness... That was 20 years ago and I am still here and stronger than ever.

If my chances are slim to none, I TAKE SLIM!

I’ll take a glimpse of hope and possibility any day over lying down and letting life pass me by.

We know everything will not always go as planned. We also know that even a broken clock is correct twice a day!

While the outcome may be bleak and grim, keep moving and pressing forward.

If there is a small, slim chance that you will make it, go for it!

Taking a slim chance is a true test of faith and when it comes to your goals and dreams, take a chance on yourself.

It’s POSSIBLE…I’m a living testimony.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


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