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World Spirituality Weekly Update
November 17th, 2011

Discerning the Patterns that Connect

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A teaching by Dr. Marc Gafni on Discerning the Patterns that Connect  (edited and prepared by Dr. Heather Fester)

In this weeks World Spirituality newsletter we have:
1) An invitation to Integral Church: First Fridays
2) Information about upcoming events and telecourses
3) A teaching by Dr. Marc Gafni on Discerning the Patterns that
    Connect (edited and prepared by Dr. Heather Fester)
4) A teaching by Dr. Mariana Caplan on Psychology and Karma


dr-marc-gafni 2Welcome to Integral Church: First Fridays!
Integral Church is an enactment of Integral consciousness, initiated by Dr. Marc on New Years weekend 2010. In Integral Church, we engage a passionate and  integrated spiritual practice that is emergent from the  best of the world's spiritual traditions. Each First Friday has a theme. The themes  deepen  in each new cycle. The theme for this coming Dec. 2. First Friday is:


WHEN: December 2nd • eight pm
WHERE:  1584 36th Avenue ( apt B) San Francisco, Ca. 94122
For Directions, click here

Join your World Spirituality guide Dr. Marc Gafni and friends at First Fridays-for an intimate and deep evening of practice, love, and relationships as we explore Identifying Your Unique Gifts: The Power and Practice of the Evolutionary Lover. In world spirituality teaching, the core joy and obligation of a human being is to live and give Your Unique Gift.

Every human being has a particular set of gifts that they can offer in the world. What are your unique gifts? The nature of the gift, like the perspective held by every human being, is utterly unique. The ability to offer this gift freely in the world depends on our ability to free ourselves of limiting and false notions of who we are, and identify with our larger service. Some of our gifts are modest, private and intimate—some are larger than life and have dramatic impact in the public sphere. However, every Unique Gift arises and may be offered in all four quadrants. From a non-dual perspective, your unique gift creates your unique obligation. In the language of one teacher of Unique Self, Man’s deed is God’s need.

God needs your service. God, in the first, second and third person, needs your service. To live your Unique Self and offer your Unique Gifts is to align yourself with the evolutionary impulse and fulfill your evolutionary obligation as a Lover.

Living as an Evolutionary Lover is the passionate path of the New Enlightenment. The way you make this path real and alive in your life is by identifying and giving your Unique Gifts. Buddhism teaches the Enlightenment of Emptiness. To do this you must dis-identify with you personality story. And this is fully half the story.

The second half of the story is the Enlightenment of Fullness. To realize the enlightenment of fullness you must fully inhabit, embody and Live Your Story.

There are four key steps in this process:
1) Evolve beyond exclusive identification with ego
2) Take off the mask of your particular false self
3) Identify your Unique Gift
4) Begin to give your Unique Gift in the world

These four steps and the practices that take you there are the path to the Enlightenment of Fullness. The
Enlightenment of Fullness - one of the core teaching we are unfolding at CWS - is a lodestone of the evolutionary emergent of World spirituality.

On each of the upcoming four first Fridays in December, January,
February, and March we will engage in one of these steps:
Friday, December 2, 2011
Friday, January 6, 2012
Friday, February 3, 2012
Friday, March 2, 2012

Join us and participate - for the sake of the all - in the evolution and ecstatic expression of your highest and best self.

On Dec. 2, we are re-launching phase two of Integral Church: First Fridays. You are invited to show up to..

Integral Church: First Fridays
To the church you never went to when you were 
    growing up because it didn’t exist.
To the synagogue you never even dreamed was possible.
To the monastery where you can talk, celebrate, and play.
To the ashram that is fully relational, contemporary, and 
To the dance party where you can learn, grow, and transform
To the kirtan that also exercises the mind and interpersonal
To a place where single people can openly and fearlessly 
    meet potential life partners.
To the conscious community where you can raise your
    babies, children, and teens with spiritual values and practice.
To the place where the disenfranchised become
    re-enfranchised, and the believers can dream into the future.
To a place where the lover is you, and you meet the beloved
    in your own body.
To a center of evolutionary activism.
To a place where the special guest is you, and what you bring
    to it  effects the evolution of what we create together, and
    perhaps even the evolution of consciousness itself.

If you want to know what we are going to talk about at First Fridays watch this video.



The Seven Powers of Enlightened Relationship With Dr. Marc Gafni and Surprise Guest Teacher
Center for World Spirituality Spring Event 2012: Precise Date and location to be announced within seven days.


Save the date: Our new telecourse by Dr. Marc entitled:
Sexuality Spirituality and Shadow: Living Your Enlightenment begins January 6 at five pm, pacific standard time, the first Tuesday in January. Join us for a seven week telecourse by Dr. Marc on The Future of Sex: Sexuality, Spirituality and Shadow. We are limiting the course to one hundred participants. A detailed outline of the course will be available by December 1. You can assure yourself a place by pre-registering now.

Discerning the Patterns that Connect

Summary: In the excerpt below from his June 2011 TEDxSinCity talk “Your Unique Self: The Future of Enlightenment,” Dr. Marc lovingly draws our attention to the shared story of World Spirituality emerging at this moment in intellectual history. What we yearn for and already share, in spite of the many ways we focus on what divides us, are the deep structures of meaning we can know first-hand—in our first-persons—and that we can reveal using the Eye of the Spirit.

For the complete talk, see “Your Unique Self: The Future of Enlightenment


Karma and Psychology: Connecting the Dots, by Mariana Caplan, Ph.D.

If somebody had to live my life, why did it have to be me?!

As a young woman on the spiritual path, I was always both intrigued and bothered by the concept of karma. It just didn't seem accurate that everyone I knew who remembered a past life was a princess in Egypt or a king in medieval Europe. Read on...

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