World Spirituality Monthly Newsletter 3-07-2012

World Spirituality Monthly Newsletter, March 7, 2012

Resonance and Dissonance Between the World's Great Religions, by Sam Alexander

"Religion. The very word strikes fear in the hearts of your average citizen…or boredom, or maybe confusion..." Read more


 dr-marc-gafni 2

"The 5 Awakenings," by Dr. Marc Gafni, edited and prepared by Dr. Heather Fester. Gift offering, condensed from the forthcoming volume Your Unique Self: The Democratization of Enlightenment.

"There are five great awakening of the human spirit.  Each level of awakening is to a deeper and more expanded sense of identity and consciousness..." Read more

Dr. Marc Gafni is the Spiritual Director of CWS. Marc's Bio...

Why Enlightenment Has Become Irrelevant and What World Spirituality Aims to do About It!
...Joe Perez and Marc Gafni in Dialog, on Joe's lively blog, Awake, Alive, and Aware:

Part 1

What is World Spirituality?
Read it here...

Part 2
Where is the World Spirituality Movement at Today?
Read it here..

"Pleased By You," a Sermon on Unique Self, by Rev. Tom Thresher, Ph.D. Listen and Read...

Dr. Thresher is currently the pastor of a nascent Integral Church in western Washington... Read bio
In this Week's Newsletter...
Upcoming Events
March 8-11: Shalom Mountain Wisdom School, NY
May 19-21: Venwoude Retreat Center, Holland
Full Public Teaching Schedule

Fruits of the February Board Retreat
Conclave Success and the CWS Three Part Plan
Think Tank -- Broad Vision
Vision for Books and Publications
Free Feeling: Using Emotions for Liberation, by Sally Kempton
9-week Telecourse, starting June 5, 2012
Sexuality, Spirituality, and Shadow: Living Your Enlightenment

Info and Registration Here

In this course we will explore one of the essential issues in an emergent World Spirituality; The Path of the Sex. Every great tradition, pre modern modern and post modern- has had  has an enormous amount to say about Sex. In the context of this community of study and practice we will integrate the best teachings of all the great traditions -and with the grace of the spirit, make the next momentous leap in the evolution of sacred sexuality.


A Look at Our Origins, by Ewan Townhead

How does Christianity measure up against rational evolution? Rather well it seems…

Last week there was a televised debate at Oxford University in England between Richard Dawkins (the famous evolutionary atheist and author of ‘The God Delusion’) and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams (the principal leader of the Church of England).

See the full video here:

It was a wonderfully British debate, involving much politeness, skepticism and rich exploration of the “nature of human beings and the question of their ultimate origin.”


Upcoming Events

Shalom Mountain Wisdom School, March 8 - 11, 2012

Wisdom School, Session 8
We are delighted to announce that Center for World Spirituality
and Shalom Mountain in upstate NY have together developed a Wisdom School which is deeply rooted in the teachings of Unique Self Enlightenment, Eros, World Spirituality Teaching and the Enlightenment of Fullness. Dr. Marc serves as the teacher in Residence.

This eighth teaching of the Wisdom School is sold out, though we are working to make ten more spaces available. If you are interested, register now or be put on a waiting list.

For more information click here

Venwoude Retreat Center, May 19 - 21, 2012
Unique Self Process
In this three-day process you will be guided in teaching and embodiment, to find, identify and live your Unique Gift in the world. The Gift that is yours and yours only, at this Unique Moment in time and space. The Gift for which evolution has taken the time until this very moment, to be expressed as you, through you and by you.
Read more…

Venwoude Retreat Center and Center for World Spirituality are proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Marc Gafni as World Spirituality Teacher in Residence at Venwoude. Venwoude Retreat Center is emerging as an important European Center for the development of a World Spirituality based on Integral Principles, Unique Self Enlightenment, The Democratization of Enlightenment, The Evolution of Love and the Enlightenment of Fullness. All of these form core parts of Dr. Marc’s emergent  teaching and transmission of World Spirituality based on Integral Principles.


We are pleased to announce that 25 board members of the Center for World Spirituality from around the country and around the world gathered in February for an in-depth visioning process, the fruits of which will guide the future of the International Center for World Spirituality. The board examined strategies for enacting the three major spheres of CWS:

Think Tank - Publishing House
Training Company
Community Lab / World Spirituality Practice


Given all four quadrants of reality and where world spirituality needs and wants to go in contributing to the evolution of Consciousness, the following is the vision that has emerged for the next year and the following years.

Dr. Marc is trying to scale back on public teaching in order to create space to write a new body of work. In the coming 18 to 24 months, CWS, together with leading publishing partners, hopes to release six to seven volumes of Dr. Gafni's work.

Volumes by Marc Gafni
1.    Two academic volumes on Radical Kabbalah and Non Dual Humanism -- April 2012
2.    Towards Integral Religion: Dance of Tears -- Summer 2012
3.    Your Unique Self: The Evolutionary Imperative and The Democratization of Enlightenment -- 2012
4.    Between Certainty and Uncertainty: The Future of Faith -- 2012
5.    Soul Prints: Living Your Story - updated, edited, and re-issued with footnotes -- 2013
6.    Eros, updated and re-issued, with footnotes -- 2013
 Three Faces of God -- possible Academic Journal on World Spirituality

Note: #'s 3 and 5 were written years back and need updating; #'s 1 and 2 are Marc’s writings from Oxford and are pretty much ready; and #4 is the new book that so needs to come out.

Four, possibly five, other volumes are being spearheaded by others, each needing one year to completion.
1.    The Enlightenment of Fullness: A Collection of Essays, Edited by Dr. Heather Fester
2.    Unique Self / World Spirituality Practice, by Tom Ronen Goddard and Marc Gafni
3.   The Rise of World Spirituality, in which many of our board members will be interviewed by Joe Perez
4.    Teachings from the Holy of Holies, edited by Elizabeth Helen
5.    Letter to an Exeter Student, (rooted in Unique World Spirituality teaching), by Kathleen J. Brownback
6.    "The Life and Teachings of Marc Gafni," an essay by Sally Kempton

Long Term:
New Volumes/Projects Currently in vision or preparation in various forms of Collaboration
1.    World Spirituality based on Integral Principles, by Ken Wilber and Marc Gafni
2.    User's Guide to Life, Eben Pagan
3.    Unique Self Therapy and Addiction: Book and Trainings in conjunction with leading Treatment Center, by Lori Galperin
4.    The Three Faces of God
5.    Wounds of Love
6.    World Spirituality and Shadow Practice, by Sally Kempton
7.    The Evolution of Love: Evolutionary We Space
8.    Relationships as Spiritual Practice
9.    Beyond Venus and Mars, by Warren Farrell  
10.  World Spirituality and Integral Christianity, Sam Alexander
11.  Unique Self in the Classroom, Training Manual for Teachers, Kathy Brownback
12.  Unique Self Trainings and Writings, by Mauk Pieper and Leon Gras
13.  Sam Alexander and Marc and Ken and larger group, Universal Cathechism
14.  Coaching and Unique Self: Training Manual and DVD, Barbara Alexander
15.  Possible re-issue of his “Wisdom” chapter into a book, by Terry Nelson
16.  Essays on Truth Tests, the Feminine, Evolutionary We Space, by Liza Braude
17.  Unique Self and Business, Training Module, by Wyatt Woodsmall



Vision for Books and Publications

As you can see, Dr. Gafni is now working on a number of new volumes covering core topics in World Spirituality including a core book on World Spirituality based on Integral principles with Ken Wilber and a number of other volumes on sexuality, gender, addiction and recovery, shadow, eros, Unique Self Practice and World Spirituality Practice, and Evolutionary WE-Space. Each volume is being written with a leading edge thinker-partner. The two books on the front burner are World Spirituality based on Integral Principles, Sexuality, and The Next Twelve Steps.

The vision is to do limited teaching in Community Labs of World Spirituality around the world while putting the major focus in the coming years on birthing and writing this new library of books.

If you are interested in doing research or interning, transcribing or helping in any way in this work then please contact us directly at:


Free Feeling: Using Emotions for Liberation,
by Sally Kempton

Practice can change your relationship to emotions, so that instead of being swamped by certain feeling states, you can hold them, contain them, see into their essence, and ultimately, use emotions in the service of your liberation.

Many years ago, I walked into the kitchen of my guru’s ashram, and found him shouting at the cooks...Read more...


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