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February 2012
Hi Valued Customer,

Our Buddy Promo is currently running and is very successful (again!), and we are pretty busy at both the resorts in Bunaken and Lembeh. Thank you for all your support! The promo ends 31March 2012 so there is still time to dive with us for only 50%!

The diving in Lembeh has been very good. The small stuff has been as awesome as ever with hatching Flamboyant Cuttlefish eggs, Halimeda Ghost Pipefish, Tiger Shrimp, Harlequin Shrimp and Hairy Frogfish. However, it's not all about the small stuff as we have also seen 2 Manta Rays and a huge Cowtail Stingray in the Lembeh Straits! Maybe they are coming back, after all Lembeh was know for big stuff like including whales and shark before some idiot organised a net across the straits and caught them all in the early 90's.

Bunaken has also been good with lots of urangutang crabs, ornate and robust ghost pipe fish, ribbon eels, schooling jacks and napoleon wrasse, reef sharks on most dives and the tiny hippocampus sea horses on a daily basis. This week it's been all about turtles with divers seeing up to 15 on a dive!! Beautiful walls AND cool stuff - what's not to like??

In January we welcomed Liz as resort manager in Bunaken. She is Brendon's fiance, and they are both working hard to make all the guests feel welcome and have a great stay.

We started our first IDC of the year in Feb 2012 and had 2 candidates. The IE is in Bali whilst this newsletter was being sent out, good luck to both Sofia and Benn!

We publish the results of our 2011 Photo Competition in this newsletter, congratulation to all the winners. We will be running another BIGGER competition this year, so get your photo's edited!

We think shark conservation is still a huge issue and so we are continuing our focus on this in our Conservation Corner, and our Critter Corner focuses on ghostpipe fish as we were seeing so many in Lembeh!

In our Training Corner we ask why divers are not yet Rescue Divers, with eLearning it makes it so much easier to get this certificate.

And our Whats Hot in Diving is a bit different this time. We found this great interview with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, a tv presenter from UK, who says "Never call a dive rubbish!".

Safe diving,
    Tina & Nigel
    (owners of Two Fish Divers)

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Whats New?

  • We welcomed Liz, who  started in mid-Jan as our new resort manager in Bunaken
  • We finally finished our new dive center in Bunaken, pics to follow on our blog


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Shark Guardian

Conservation Corner
SPOTLIGHT - Sharks in Peril, help give sharks a fighting chance.

How can you help?
On our website you will find details about signing the Project Aware petition, making a donation to Shark Guardian, and getting involved with Shark Guardian when you visit us - we run Shark Guardian speciality courses and our Instructor Courses (IDC) include a FREE Shark Guardian instructor speciality course.

"When the buying stops, the killing stops"

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Results of the 2011 Photo Competition
Thank you all for entering, and congratulations to the following winners:

1st place - Gabriella Larsson wins a free 5-day holiday with us in Bunaken
2nd place - Charlotte Meijer wins a fish-id book from
3rd place - Ineke Gido van Praag wins a Two Fish merchandise pack

1st place - Jonathan Scarr wins a free 5-day holiday with us in Lembeh
2nd place - Budy Lukman wins a fish-id book from
3rd place - Jackie Wood Bernard wins a Two Fish merchandise pack

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Photo competition


ornate ghostpipefish

Critter Corner
Currently lots of Ghostpipefish in Lembeh but what is a ghost pipefish? - Ghost pipefish belong to the family Solenostomidae. They are closely related to Seahorses and Pipefish, are from the same order and share the long tube like snout. We thought that there were only four types but we were corrected, there are actually 6 - Robust, Ornate or Harlequin, Halimeda, Rough or Hairy, Armored and Delicate.

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Training-tips Corner
Why are you not Rescue Diver yet? - If you ask any Rescue Diver they will tell you that its the most challenging course they have done. Despite this and other obvious advantages, why are most divers not Rescue Divers?

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rescue breaths during rescue course


Never call a dive rubbish

Whats hot in diving
Never call a dive rubbish! We came across this great interview recently with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, a tv presenter from UK, where he displays a common sense approach to recreational diving and how, if we think that a dive is boring, its probably because we aren’t looking close enough!

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