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December 2011
Hi Valued Customer,

The last few months have been pretty busy for us. We just finished certifying 6 new divemasters, and for the first time ever we had a DM snorkel test at both resorts on the same night! Congratulations to Andreas, Christian, Robert, Tam, Guilem and Camilla.

The diving in Lembeh has been very good. We are still seeing the normal critters - hairy frog fish, flambouyants, etc - but there has been an explosion if mimic octopus and wunderpuss which leads us to believe that perhaps they have a breeding pattern?

Bunaken has also been good with stunning visibility, and we have had some interesting encounters with large creatures such as dolphins and a mola-mola - not your normal creatures but proves that its possible to see anything.

We are continuing our focus on shark conservation in this issue, and don't forget to enter our photo competition - it ends 31 Jan so this is your last reminder!

Our critter corner focuses on the coelecanth fish, a particular favourite of Brendons as he is running Ceolecanth expeditions with the TEC center.

PADI recently revamped the Divemaster Course to make it alot more practical with more workshops and diving, and we talk more about this in our new Training Tips corner.

And our Whats Hot in Diving focuses on light-weight dive gear. We were shocked when we went to UK and the airlines wanted to charge us US$60/kg for our excess luggage! A quick re-pack and disposal of non-essentails avoided this, but when you are travelling with dive gear you cannot do this and the equipment manufacturers now offer great solutions for this.

As its almost XMas, we want to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry XMas & Happy New Year! If you are short of some gift-ideas, check out our sticking-fillers at the bottom of this newsletter!

Safe diving,
    Tina & Nigel
    (owners of Two Fish Divers)

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Other offers - as a returning customer, we will give you 10-20% discount on our dive packages.

We are also running our Half-price Buddy Promo Jan-Mar 2012, and we have many discounted packages for courses.


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Shark Guardian

Conservation Corner
SPOTLIGHT - Sharks in Peril, help give sharks a fighting chance.

How can you help? Firstly, sign the Project Aware petition, you can access it via our Facebook page.

Secondly, vote for the Shark Guardian trailer in PADI's the Sea The Change Contest, you will even get a chance to win two Shark Guardian T-Shirts!

"When the buying stops, the killing stops"

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Almost last chance to enter the 2011 Photo Competition
If you visited us in 2011, don;t forget to enter our 2011 Photo Competition. We are offering some great prizes:

  • 1st place: free 5-day dive holiday in either Bunaken or Lembeh
  • 2nd place: fish-id book from Amazon.com, Debelius' Nudibranchs
  • 3rd place: Two Fish Divers merchandise pack (mask strap, t-shirt & beer cooler)

The competition ends 31 January 2012.

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Photo competition



Critter Corner
The Coelecanth, Living Fossil in Bunaken - the Coelecanth is a Devonian lobed fin fish that thrived in the oceans 450-500 million years ago. Its importance lies in the fact that it is considered the “missing link” between fish and animals, ie they were the ones that crawled from the waters to create life on land. It is also an inhabitant of Bunaken Marine Park, and probably one of the most unusual inhabitants at that!

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Training-tips Corner
The New PADI Divemaster Course – more practical/in-water training! - In November 2010 PADI announced the new PADI Divemaster course, however the new materials were not available in Indonesia until July 2011. Since then, Two Fish Divers have taught the new course to about 10 students in Bunaken & Lembeh, and we think that the new DM course is a great improvement.

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Whats hot in diving
Why rent dive gear when you can travel light? As we all of head off to amazing scuba diving adventures, we are burdened with the pesky airlines’ baggage fees; thinking, are we even going to get our gear to the dive site or should we just rent gear that could be old, ugly, and questionable condition? It seems that there has to be a trade off, paying the cost of the airline fees versus paying to rent gear. Now there is a solution to this with Aqua Lung’s Travel Gear.

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