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Continental Congress

Benjamin FranklinRemarks concerning the Savages of North America
Guest essay by Benjamin Franklin

Savages we call them, because their Manners differ from ours, which we think the Perfection of Civility. They think the same of theirs.

Perhaps if we could examine the Manners of different Nations with Impartiality, we should find no People so rude as to be without Rules of Politeness, nor any so polite as not to have some Remains of Rudeness.

The Indian Men when young are Hunters and Warriors; when old, Counsellors; for all their Government is by Counsel of the Sages; there is no Force there are no Prisons, no Officers to compel Obedience, or inflict Punishment.—Hence they generally study Oratory; the best Speaker having the most Influence. Read On

Benjamin FranklinLiberty, the Gift of God
Guest Essay by Belinda Beth Ballenger

We invite you now to enjoy a moment in the record of American Liberty. The title of our story is:

Liberty, the Gift of God

Long, long ago in a faraway land across the great oceans, in a city on a hill, stood a beautiful, magnificent, gleaming, white building. It was the temple of God in the city of Jerusalem. Within the walls of that beautiful edifice was the throne room of God on earth, called the Holy of Holies, where a huge, imposing, thick, heavy curtain hung, blue and purple and scarlet. You see, that curtain separated the presence of God from man, for mere, sinful man to be in the presence of a Holy God meant instant death.

Now, just outside that city, just outside the city walls, on a lonely hill called Golgotha, a young man is bleeding out his life, nailed to a tree, pouring out his blood for your sins and mine. Along about noon the sky becomes as night, and that darkness lasts for three long hours. Close to the end of that time, we hear Him say, "It is finished," and He willingly yields up His spirit.

The earth begins to tremble and shake with mighty force. Rocks are split, graves are opened, and in the temple the mighty hand of God stretches forth and splits that curtain--from top to bottom. Man is now at liberty to enter the presence of God without fear, at liberty from the consequences of sin and death.

Read On

Benjamin Franklin"Lastly, (and which was not least,) a great hope & inward zeall they had of laying some good foundation, or at least to make some way therunto, for ye propagating & advancing ye gospell of ye kingdom of Christ in those remote parts of ye world; yea, though they should be but even as stepping-stones unto others for ye performing of so great a work."
—William Bradford, Pilgrim Governor, Plymouth Plantation (William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation (Boston: Wright & Potter Printing Co., 1899), 32.)

Ben GilmoreNudge, Push, Shove, Shoot
Guest Essay by Ben Gilmore

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”[Edmond Burke]

“   …a Freeman contending for Liberty on his own ground is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth."—George Washington, General Orders, 1776 

Last weekend in Washington, American vets were contending for Liberty on their own ground (Blockaded War Memorials) vs. government employees, also Americans, being paid to harass them.

I submit, that such employees, sold their American heritage of liberty, for a paycheck.  That sends chills to my heart.

Those who have studied the history of tyranny will recognize the pattern of enslavement.  Like the frog in the pot that enjoys the warming water and does not jump out until it is too late. Read On

Jerry Newcombe The Non-Jesus Religion
Guest Essay by Jerry Newcombe

The Supreme Court has heard arguments this week about whether prayers at government meetings, for example, a town council, can include the name of Jesus.

The case is Galloway v. City of Greece (which is a suburb of Rochester, NY), and it will likely be decided in the summer (or possibly spring) of 2014. The case could potentially have strong ramifications for this nation, especially in light of our extensive Christian heritage.

Jesus told His followers to pray in His name. That’s why people pray “in Jesus’ name. Amen” Or, as is often heard in the Book of Common Prayer (from the Anglican Church, which was very influential in the founding of America), “through the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” George Washington was an avid reader of the Book of Common Prayer

Different judicial circuits have ruled in ways that contradict each other on this issue. Hence, the Supreme Court’s decision to clarify the matter.. Read On

Summit MinistriesWant to Win the Culture? Focus on Human Flourishing
Guest Essay by Summit Ministries

The American Revolution has had a lasting, positive impact because its leaders focused not on angry vengeance (like in the French Revolution) but on freeing people from the barriers that prevented them from living out their full potential as image-bearers of God. They believed humans were made to create and unleash social, economic, and spiritual potential from which the entire world has benefited.

Whether America's founders were Christians (and most were) is not as important as the fact that their view of humanity can be rationally derived only from a biblical worldview. While America's founders failed to live up to their own expectations on issues like slavery, they set in motion a self-correcting system through which the young nation could grow in its recognition of human dignity.

The founders' focus on human flourishing not only changed America, it changed the world. Many of the cultural battles of our day are being lost because Christians have lost sight of this focus. From a biblical view, "winning" isn't about seizing the reins of power as much as it is creating such a robust vision of a flourishing society that human-crippling worldviews are revealed as the shriveling and anemic perspectives they are. In this article we'll flesh out the concept of human flourishing and show how the biblical worldview alone genuinely secures it. We'll also explore ways to apply thinking about human flourishing to the issues you face in your community. Read On

Summit MinistriesWho were the Pilgrims?
Guest Essay by Sylvia Vrabec

This Thanks giving we honor the Pilgrims who set our country on a new course that we should follow for as long as our country would survive. As the Mayflower left Plymouth, England her sails filled with a breeze, the breeze of freedom.

They left behind authoritarianism, restriction, government from the top down, bondage. They headed towards the New World. They had no idea if they'd ever get there, but as William Brewster said, "Yea, though we should lose our lives in this action----we know our endeavors would be honorable."
One hundred fifty years later thirteen colonies severed their ties from the same country from which Pilgrims had come from for the same reason. Authoritarian, restrictive demands of the government. As George Washington watched the British armada of ships arriving and sail up the Hudson River he saw the massive power of King George. What could an army, a pittance in size do to overcome such power? In the same way that the Pilgrims relied on the Lord of heaven and earth for help, so did George Washington look to Him that gave to mankind the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. A government that would be in the hands of the people, not in the hand of the few. Read On

Featured Video: The First Thanksgiving
Featured Video: The First Thanksgiving
Peter HammondIsaiah 58 and the Book Thy Will Be Done: When All Nations Call God Blessed
Guest Essay by Ronald W. Kirk

I suppose that Isaiah 58 is not a Bible passage on everyone’s lips, but it is a powerful and instructive one.

Partly out of inspiration from this passage and after a lifetime of application to its message, I wrote a little book called Thy Will Be Done: When All Nations Call God Blessed (Matthew 6:10 and Psalm 72:17) from Nordskog Publishing. It seeks to show how Biblical thinking ought to and can affect every aspect of life for the Gospel, the answer to Jesus’ prayer.

How do God’s people become God’s kings and priest in the earth, the establishers of prosperous, free and just society?

Let’s start with Verse One. Here, God compels Isaiah to speak to Israel! He says:

Cry aloud, spare not; Lift up your voice like a trumpet; Tell My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.

Okay, Lord. You have our attention... Read On

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Thy Will Be Done: When All Nations Call God Blessed

Thy Will Be Done
When All Nations Call God Blessed

Book by Ronald W. Kirk

The world cries out for an imaginative but realistic Biblical guide to the life foreshadowed  in Christ's model prayer. Here is no foolish utopia but rather a powerful depiction of a sinful world redeemed and transformed by Christ this side of eternity, as suggested by the prophets. A lifetime study of the Bible's prescriptions for loving God and loving man, including the best expressions of history, provides the fuel for this thoughtful extended, everyman essay.
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The Book that Made America

The Book That Made America
How the Bible Formed Our Nation

Book by Jerry Newcombe

This book comprehensively documents, with joy, America’s deep roots in the Bible of the Christian faith. From our first civil compacts and the New England Primer textbook, to the declaration of every state constitution and the declaration of the United States Supreme Court’s Trinity decision of 1892, America cries out that its traditions have resulted from an abiding faith in the God of the Holy Bible.  Shop Online

John Locke

John Locke
Philosopher of American Liberty

Book by Mary-Elaine Swanson

This book presents the much-needed truth about John Locke, the most read and quoted thinker of our Independence era. From original sources Mrs. Swanson documents Locke's true Biblical Christianity as the source of his ideas, demonstrating that our Founders understood “the pursuit of happiness” as the Bible’s protection of property, and that the Bible is the underlying foundation of civil law and liberty proclaimed in the phrase “the Law of Nature and Nature’s God.”   
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John Locke

Close to His Heart

Book by Leonora Pruner

The longing of both and for a loving, like-minded spouse results in a romantic courtship. Serious misunderstandings shatter their marriage until Grace’s loss of memory offers an opportunity for renewal  — if they can forgive each other.   Shop Online
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Rendering to Caesar the Things that are God'
Rendering to Caesar the Things that are God's
Statism: The Golden Calf of the Modern World

Book by Stephen McDowell

Israel worshiped a golden calf. Many Christians in the world today, especially the western world, worship a golden calf as well. But this is not a physical golden calf. It is the golden calf of socialism, the god of statism. This false god is one of the greatest threats to Christianity in the 21st century. In recent elections, we have seen people tearing off their "golden rings" and clamoring for such a god. To those who worship this golden calf it seems to be a good god that will do good things for them. It promises them provision, security, comfort, and much more. Beware! This god will gradually consume you, your family, your business, and your freedom.
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Restoring the Real Meaning of Thanksgiving
Restoring the Real Meaning of Thanksgiving
Book by Dr. D. James Kennedy with Charles Hull Wolfe

This book finds its origin in the Pilgrims' practice of being thankful for God's provision -- adapted from an Old Testament tradition, the Feast of Tabernacles. Our American Thanksgiving originally was a day to remember the God of our Fathers and His blessings on our land. Today, however, it is all about feasting and football. Restoring Thanksgiving will require a culture-wide renewal, and Dr. Kennedy, with coauthor Charles Hull Wolfe, outlines steps believers can take to restore their own Thanksgiving Day observance.
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Plymouth in the Words of Her Founders: A Visitor's Guide to America's Hometown
Plymouth in the Words of Her Founders: A Visitor's Guide to America's Hometown
Book by Paul Jehle

Plymouth is a town that has been besieged by revisionist historians and special interest groups intent on presenting an anti-Christian and politically-correct history of America’s spiritual birthplace. Thanks to the testimony of historian and pastor Dr. Paul Jehle, we are pleased to announce that the tide is turning. For the first time ever, visitors to Plymouth can have a well-documented overview of the monuments and sites of America’s spiritual birthplace in the words of the founders of Plymouth and America themselves. This pocket guide is indispensable to the student of American history or the Christian who wants to defend the righteous actions of the Pilgrim Fathers.
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