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Election Special Edition 2012 (Vol 2)
Election 2012
Star Parker To Promote Freedom Abroad, Practice It Here
Guest Essay by Star Parker

Can Obama stand with credibility before any Muslim nation and claim that he represents religious freedom?

Baseball player Yogi Berra once said, "You can see a lot just by looking" -- simple wisdom that President Barack Obama is not likely to heed. In order to see, you have to want to look at the truth that's actually out there. — With reality so different from how our president wishes to portray it, he has little interest in seeing things as they really are.

The president delivered a "Kumbaya" appeal this past week to the current session of the United Nations General Assembly. The pitch, about peaceful resolution of disputes, tolerance and free speech, was clearly aimed at Muslim nations.

The following day, Egypt's newly elected Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi stood before the General Assembly and gave his reply. No thanks.
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Tea Party Talk!
Tea Party Talk!
by Senator H. L. Richardson, Ret

The author of Confrontational Politics Bill Richardson has a track record of political victory in the cause of Christian liberty. As a California State Senator or founder of political action committees, Sen. Richardson has won his political battles. With Tea Party Talk!, he provides the ammunition needed to make the rest of us successful in our political influence. This book will teach, empower and equip you to win your political discussions and, at the same time, not lose your friends. In fact, you could even convert some of them.

Paperback, 128 pages
Special election-campaign discount: Just $10
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Confrontational Politics
Confrontational Politics
by Senator H. L. Richardson, Ret

In this era of ever-growing, more distant, unresponsive government—and politicians of both parties who do not walk their talk—retired California state senator H. L. (Bill) Richardson's book is a strong tonic.

He warns, however, his words are not for the faint of heart: as Finley Peter Dunne once said, "Politics ain't beanbag."

He spells out in a series of lessons how his often hard-pressed conservative minority was able to win victory after victory on issues like the death penalty, gun control, and removing liberal judges. "The central theme of this book is the methodology both sides use. Being 'right' is not enough," he cautions.

Paperback, 125 pages
Special election-campaign discount: Just $10
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Unfit to Rule
Unfit to Rule
by Dan Zimmerle

Consider and ponder our founding fathers' grievances against King George III in the Declaration of Independence set parallel to documented grievances against our current president. See why he is Unfit to Rule.

The founders risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to set things right. What will we do?

Booklet, 32 pages
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Poem by Annette Adams

Another election time has arrived,
With words teasing, pleasing our brain,
But let's hope that all of those politic-promises
Aren't just "more clouds without rain".

We'll rate that debate, which has kept us up late,
And we'll hope that our choice will not fail;
But, clearly we know; the results always show
That only God's plans will prevail.

Elections will come and elections will go,
And soon they will all be forgot.
Our hopes, though renewed, will soon come un-glued:
For there's no "chicken in every pot".

But election can be a most precious Word
When spoken by God's loving voice.
It's not by command; He won't force our hand;
We all have that "freedom of choice".

It's the only election that finally will count,
The world's ballots come and they go;
But God says of all of His promises made:
"If not true, I would have said so".

So, do we choose Jesus, or some other way?
It's the win-or-lose question He'll pose;
And, remember, whichever way we cast our vote,
That's the way God's election goes!

Annette Adams

(2 Peter 1:10 " all the more eager to make your calling and election sure. For if you do these things, you will never fall ,and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom ")

E.W. Jackson JACKSON: Blacks are Abandoning the Democratic Party
Post on The Washington Times by E.W. Jackson

For more than 50 years, the black community has been the wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party. That may be changing. In spite of the overwhelmingly liberal voting patterns of black voters, they are an essentially conservative community. Americans of African descent are more pro-life and pro-family than the average white voter and as conservative on social issues as any white evangelical.

Democrats have managed to monopolize the black vote in spite of the vast chasm between the two on social issues. This philosophical difference has become more pronounced in the past 20 years, as liberals have embraced far-left progressivism. Their view of “social justice” embraces the killing of an unborn child right up to the moment before birth. Indeed, President Obama, the iconic representative of the far left, believes that even a child born alive should be left to die without medical treatment if the mother intended an abortion. He championed this Mengelean position as a state senator in Illinois.
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40 Days to Save America
Bishop E. W. Jackson from Virginia rallied the crowd at the Continuing Revolution Rally, Capitol Hill, Washington DC

William Federer Ronald Reagan on America the Beautiful
Guest Essay by William Federer

President Ronald Reagan upon a meeting with South Korean President Chun Doo Hwan, November 14, 1983 declared: “At the worship service Sunday morning with our soildiers…less than a mile from one of the most tyrannical regimes on Earth..a choir of little girls..all orphans.. closing the service, sing ‘America, the Beautiful’ in our language, was a spiritual experience.”
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Video: Ronald Reagan Tribute
Video: Ronald Reagan Tribute

Video: Ronald Reagan Democrat JokeVideo: Ronald Reagan Democrat Joke

Featured Video: Obama Vs. Keyes: Christianity

Featured Video: Obama Vs. Keyes: Christianity

Political Christianity
Political Christianity
A Call to Action

A manual to help establish a fundamentally Biblical approach to politics. Impressively thorough yet concise, this readable book covers a great deal: from political presuppositions and Biblical principles of government to practical political issues such as national defense, immigration, economics, gay rights, and more. It even provides important insight into the pesky "lesser-of-two-evils" voting dilemma.

With this book, "Christian Citizen" joins the honorable ranks of anonymous American Patriots who have fought with their pens for the cause of liberty and justice under God. Christian Citizen is anyone who has taken the time to apply the Scriptures to every area of life, public and private. It's high time we all become true Christian Citizens. Think like a Christian. Then act like one privately and publically. This is your mission… whether or not you choose to accept it. This book is ideal for either personal study or group discussion. It is an excellent resource for handing out to Christians who do not understand the significance of voting or the biblical principles governing practical political issues.
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DVD: Socialism: A Clear And Present Danger
DVD: Socialism: A Clear And Present Danger
A Christian Perspective on the Issues
Produced by Coral Ridge Ministries

Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger is a critically important new documentary on the threat of socialism. With footage from Cuba and Venezuela, this fascinating DVD offers a much-needed message for our nation. It presents the biblical case against socialism and shows how socialist ideas lead to the loss of life and liberty. Experts on the program include evangelical author Chuck Colson, writer Jay Richards, and historian Joshua Muravchik.
Special election-campaign discount: Just $15
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Rendering to Caesar the Things that are God's
Rendering to Caesar the Things that are God's
Statism: The Golden Calf of the Modern World
by Stephen McDowell

Israel worshiped a golden calf. Many Christians in the world today, especially the western world, worship a golden calf as well. But this is not a physical golden calf. It is the golden calf of socialism, the god of statism. This false god is one of the greatest threats to Christianity in the 21st century. In recent elections, we have seen people tearing off their "golden rings" and clamoring for such a god. To those who worship this golden calf it seems to be a good god that will do good things for them. It promises them provision, security, comfort, and much more. Beware! This god will gradually consume you, your family, your business, and your freedom.

Stephen McDowell exposes one of the greatest threats to Christianity today and one of the greatest problems the world faces. Applying the ideas presented here would turn America around.
Booklet, 26 pages
Special election-campaign discount: Just $5
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The Economy from a Biblical Perspective
The Economy from a Biblical Perspective
A Christian Perspective on the Issues
by  Stephen McDowell

A Christian economy will flow from the heart of man outward. The Bible speaks to all of life and gives principles for every good work (2 Tim 3:16-17). It has much to say about economics and business. To be able to assess our current economic situation and determine what policies would be best to put the nation on a path of prosperity, we must know what the Bible teaches about economics. Here are 10 Principles of Biblical Economics.
Booklet, 34 pages
Special election-campaign discount: Just $5
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David's Tent DC

Before America ever enters the polling booth this November, we will first gather on the White House Ellipse and do nothing but enthrone Jesus on our praises 24 hours a day for over 40 days from September 25th – November 6th 2012.
Confrontational Politics
Complimentary Voter’s Issues Guide from Truth In Action Ministries, 2012 Critical Issues!
Intercessors for America: Saving America through Prayer National Gatherings. Do you want to come to the Nation's capital and pray prior to the 2012 elections? Washington, DC, October 18-20 and November 1-3. Call 800-USA-PRAY

"There is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily." - George Washington (From the Writings of George Washington)"

The Summons

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