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October 2013
Dear Colleague,

AVI CHAI began exploring educational technology’s potential to enable Jewish day school students to develop 21st century skills almost three years ago. We began work in online and blended learning to investigate how it could help schools maintain or even improve their high quality while reducing costs. We continue to experiment and learn in this new field and have created this update to share ideas, best practices, and new programs.

We are especially excited to announce the selection of five BOLD Day Schools, which plan to design and implement sustainable, cost-saving blended learning programs. Sponsored by AVI CHAI, the Affordable Jewish Education Project (AJE), and the Kohelet Foundation, BOLD funds the roll-out of blended learning programs in Jewish day schools. You can read an article about the program here.

We encourage you to explore the ideas, strategies, and experiments currently featured on the AVI CHAI blog. They provide resources and case studies as to how today’s Jewish day schools – like many private and public schools around the country – are grappling with 21st century education. In other words, how do you provide effective instruction to many students, each with individual strengths and challenges? How do you develop skills and ways of thinking needed in the 21st century, such as critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, adaptability, and imagination?

Answering such questions is no small task – but neither is the work of Jewish day schools in general, which we support as vehicles to ensure the Jewish commitment of the next generation. We invite you to join the conversation through reading, commenting on, and sharing the articles below and on the AVI CHAI Facebook page. You can also subscribe to the blog RSS feed and follow us on Twitter to stay updated on AVI CHAI’s work in online/blended learning and our other areas of focus.


Rachel Mohl Abrahams
Senior Program Officer
Blended Learning
21st Century Learning
blended learning
Excellence and Efficiency

By: Sean Kennedy

We believe the blended learning model has the potential to improve academic outcomes and ease the growing affordability crisis in Jewish day schools. Here’s why.

Read More Here

Perl 4
Curriculum 21 Initiative

By: Rabbi Dr. Gil S. Perl

The Margolin Hebrew Academy’s C21 Initiative required us to decide what we mean by “21st century skills” and how to cultivate an administrative and faculty culture so students can succeed in the world they are headed to rather than the world we are coming from.
Read More Here

ISTE Conference
USE - photo 6 newsletter
Connected Learning

By: Deborah Fishman

Ten Jewish day school administrators joined over 20,000 enthusiastic technology professionals at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference in June. Their takeaways give insight into use of technology in the classroom. 
Read More Here

Mitzmacher 2
If We Can Do It, So Can You!

By: Dr. Jon Mizmacher

How did the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School, a (relatively) small K-8 Jewish day school in a Jewish community of less than 15,000 in Jacksonville, Florida, find itself as the convening point of edJEWcon and thus the center of an educational revolution?
Read More Here

About the Blog

The AVI CHAI Blog features issues important to day schools and summer camps. We hope that Jewish educators, administrators, and the wider Jewish educational community will benefit from the sharing of best practices, highlighting of important trends, and dialoguing around big ideas. We invite you to contribute to the conversation by commenting and spreading relevant posts throughout your networks.

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