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July 2013
Dear Colleague,

We all know the challenges inherent to day school affordability are great. At the same time, as the AVI CHAI Program Officer in Day School Finance, I have observed unprecedented energy, initiative and innovation throughout North American Jewish day schools. This update was created to share with those interested in day school affordability the emerging ideas, best practices, and new programs in this area as well as their implications for the field.

I am especially excited to announce the AVI CHAI Strategy_Lab on day school affordability – a three-day intensive laboratory bringing together more than 50 educational, lay and philanthropic leaders highly knowledgeable and deeply invested in day school affordability. The laboratory will use a structured and facilitated process with an unconventional approach to collaboration and innovation. This process will seek to redefine the questions and then co-create the strategies that may lead to more affordable schools and sustainable institutions. The Strategy_Lab is invite-only and will take place July 29-31 in New York City. While unfortunately invitations were limited, we look forward to sharing and discussing the germinating ideas subsequently. You can read more about the thinking that led us to Strategy_Lab here.

An array of affordability ideas, strategies, and experiments are currently under discussion on the AVI CHAI blog. I invite you to read, comment, and share the articles featured below, and to continue the conversation on the blog and AVI CHAI facebook page. You can also subscribe to the blog RSS feed and follow us on twitter to stay updated on AVI CHAI’s work in day school finance and our other areas of focus.

Day school affordability is a complex issue. We believe that the best solutions can be found through creativity, collaboration, and experimentation – and we look forward to continuing to share our insights and experiences along the way.


Daniel Perla
Program Officer, Day School Finance
Middle Income Affordability
Blended Learning
Andria Weill
Putting a Cap on Day School Tuitions

By: Daniel Perla

Larger, middle-income families are paying 30% or more of their income in tuition. A new middle income program hopes to significantly improve retention of larger families and possibly spur enrollment of new families over time.
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Jeff Kiderman newsletter
Ensuring an Affordable Jewish Education for Every Child

By: Jeff Kiderman

Is blended learning really guaranteed to lower a school’s cost – and is this the only reason to embark on educational technology in your school? 
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Life Insurance
Would Your School Pass a Day School Stress Test?

By: Harry Bloom

How can schools boost their revenue and lower their expenses? Here are insights from a YUSP Benchmarking analysis of the finances of 50 day schools of varying sizes and denominations. 
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A Potential Tool for Day School Finance

By: Daniel Perla

Few of the 300+ schools I interact with have secured donor gifts of life insurance. This article in RAVSAK's HaYidion explores and critiques two new insurance-related ideas.
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The AVI CHAI Blog features issues important to day schools and summer camps. We hope that Jewish educators, administrators, and the wider Jewish educational community will benefit from the sharing of best practices, highlighting of important trends, and dialoguing around big ideas. We invite you to contribute to the conversation by commenting and spreading relevant posts throughout your networks.

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