North West IP and Technology Law May 2013
IP and Tech Law Group
Newsletter, May 2013
On the 6 April 2013 our IP and technology law specialists formed an IP and Technology Law Group within these chambers and launched their IP and Tech Law Blog. Since the Group was formed 
We also contributed to seminars on the patent box and the small claims track of the Patents County Court. Not a bad start.
Dear Reader,

I hope you like our first newsletter for businesses and their professional advisors in the North West. Though we are based in London we have a presence in Manchester which we hope to expand over the next few years..

Stephen Broom, Senior Clerk We are particularly well placed to do that because we have members who live and work in the North. Thus, if you need to apply for, resist or discharge an interim injunction in Liv- erpool or Manchester or want to discuss a point of law that has just arisen, we have specialists on the spot.

Our chambers, 4-5 Gray's Inn Square, have recently completed a merger with Atlas Tax Chambers. We mow have expertise in tax as well as IP law. Anne Fairpo has a special interest in IP taxation and has contributed considerably to the literature of the subject. 

Atlas and the new IP Group supplement our existing expertise in most other areas of business and public law. If you want to find out more about us, please call me on 020 7404 5252 or complete our contact form.

With best wishes

Yours ever

Joint Senior Clerk

And now for something completely different

Intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trade marks and so on) provide the legal protection for intellectual assets. An important intellectual asset is the right of an actor, musician, singer or other performer (such as a ballet dancer) to object to the fixation (broadcasting, filming or taping) of his or her performance.

One local lad who is likely to generate a lot of rights in performances is Daniel Dolan who has recently graduated from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Jane Lambert blogged about him on 11 April 2013 in her ballet blog, Terpsichore.

Jane is as passionate about ballet as she is about intellectual property and she linked the two in her article "Intellectual Property and Ballet", 20 April 2013.

Maybe we should use our Local Courts more

Manchester Civil Court CentreOver the last few years there has been a migration of intellectual property work from our District Registries and County Courts to the Patents County Court in London.

That is very understandable in view of the costs limits and specialist judge but the Patents County Court has become very busy and not every case can be resolved in one or two days.

Now that costs are managed tightly in every court, perhaps it is time to reconsider the Liverpool, Manchester and Preston County Courts and District Registries as forums for intellectual property litigation. More.

Boxing Clever

The patent box is a tax concession to encourage investment in research and development which came into force on the 1 April 2013. Over the next few weeks we shall be holding talks on this concession with our good friends at BDO.

We held the first of those talks on Monday, 29 April 2013 at the offices of Jackson & Canter in Liverpool. The speakers were Jane Lambert of these chambers and Vince Walker of BDO.

You can download Jane and Vince's presentations from "The Patent Box Workshop: Liverpool Inventors Club" IP Northwest. 3 May 2013.

If you want more information, please call Jane on 0161 850 0080 or fill in her contact form. You can also follow her on  FacebookLinkedintwitter or Xing.

Proprietary Injunctions as a Remedy for Copyright Infringement

In Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp and Others v Harris and  Others 
[2013] EWHC 159 (Ch), [2013] WLR(D) 42 the trade association of the US film industry applied for injunctions to restrain an alleged copyright infringer from dealing with his home, car and other assets on the ground that he held them on constructive trists for its members. The association argued that the defendant had purchased them with the proceeds of infringement of copyright. Acting for the defendants, Lancaster firm JWK Solicitors resisted the application. The case and its implications are discussed in Jane Lambert's article Twentieth Century Fox v Harris - very interesting but what exactly was that case about?                                                                                                  
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