Winter Feast For The Soul

October 18th, 2016 Volume 10, Issue No 1

In this Issue:

A new moon teaches gradualness
and deliberation, and how one gives birth
to oneself slowly. Patience with small details
makes perfect a large work, like the universe.
What nine months does for the embryo
Forty early mornings
Will do for your growing awareness
Jelaluddin Rumi
13th Century poet and mystic


Tenth Annual Winter Feast for the Soul
January 15 – February 23, 2017

World Peace through Inner Peace

We can make a difference by the impact of our shared commitment and the strength our numbers.

Make your commitment NOW and begin to get ready for the Tenth Winter Feast for the Soul. It will be January before you know it.

We are knee deep in our planning for the coming Winter Feast here in our “home office”.  There are a lot of changes that will be revealed as we move forward.  Here is what we can tell you now:

  • We are engaging another great team of meditation teachers and guides and hope you will be joining us for a great experience.  Some of them will be rejoining us after years of hiatus.  We can share more with you in our next newsletter.
  • We have decided that we will offer brochures describing the Feast again this year.  We have not done that for the past two years, but this coming Feast is a special Feast. It's #10.

The brochures will be available for download so that you can email them to friends and family with your personal invitation to join you in January.  We will also have a limited number of brochures available to send to you so that you can place them in strategic places in your community:  churches, libraries, coffee shops, yoga studios, health food stores, and anywhere else you can think of.

SIGN UP TO BE A LOCAL AREA COORDINATOR to help spread the word in your area.  We will send you copies of the new brochure to distribute where you see fit.
Send us an email: Let us know how many copies of the brochure you can use.  They won’t be ready will November, but we can plan our printing as we get closer.



And my response is “why not start getting your practice going today by listening to the recordings from previous years”.   By January you will be joining tens of thousands of people around the world in creating a community of committed individuals who will be faithful to a daily spiritual practice of their choice.  Daily spiritual practice is the Path to Peace that we write about in our eBook:  “A Path to Peace.”

This year more than other year in the past we look at the world around us and know that we must make World Peace our explicit shared priority.  But how do we do that?  We can make the world a better place beginning in the home of our own hearts.  From there this energy penetrates your world and makes its way around the world we live in.

When January 15 rolls around we want you to be ready to join us in this important work.

Here is what we suggest you do now:

1. Listen to David Less’s 2016 seventeen-minute Attunement talk HERE to be inspired by the beauty of our work together.

2. Begin telling your friends and family about this free event and invite them to join you and to watch the video.

3. Go to the Meditation page on our website: HERE and try a new teacher or perhaps revisit the recordings of a favorite teacher to find the one who inspires you to begin your practice now.



You may be familiar with his name as a political analyst for the NY Times and for PBS.  For my money, David Brooks’ latest book: A Road to Character is an impressive read and one that stands out as spot on for our work.

Here is an excerpt from the book that indirectly speaks to the benefits of our 40-day practice period or anything you do repeatedly with good intent.

You become more disciplined, considerate, and loving through a thousand small acts of self-control, sharing, service, friendship, and refined enjoyment. If you make disciplined, caring choices, you are slowly engraving certain tendencies into your mind. You are making it more likely that you will desire the right things and execute the right actions.
~A Road To Characterby David Brooks

That’s a great promise and one that we have offered to you ever since we began our work in 2008.  For a man who navigates the political agenda with ease and respect, Brooks advises us to give up our search for happiness and shift our focus to Holiness.  That is a radical statement for a layman and political spokesman.

There is one other thing I found interesting that Brooks offers and gives his reader something to big think about: forget your resume and work on your eulogy.  Both are important, but in the end what your family and friends will remember about you will be your kindness and the wisdom that you shared. Those small things that build your character are what really matters.

Here is a quote from an email that I received from one of our participants during a past Winter Feast.  She said her teenage son came to her and said:

“I don’t know what you are doing in there (her room) after dinner, Mom, but it is changing the whole family.” 

Want to change the world?  Home is a good place to start. 

Till the next time we connect, we wish you a peaceful life, filled with Love and Light … and anything else your heart desires. 


Valerie Skonie

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We now have several people who make monthly donation through PayPal. Please consider making that level of commitment now. Lets make that a movement, especially if you use or library throughout the year. Your help is essential if we are to continue our work.

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