Philanthropy's Promise Bulletin: Supporting Voter Re-Enfranchisement
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Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the Consumer Health Foundation, Women Donors Network, A Glimmer of Hope Foundation and The Hyams Foundation, Inc. that all recently signed on to Philanthropy's Promise, now with 111 grantmakers!

RP_Fall2011_Cover_SmallAnd don't miss "Who Doesn’t Get to Vote Should Matter to Philanthropy"  by NCRP Research and Policy Director Niki Jagpal who explores the increasingly important issue of voter disenfranchisement. She argues for increased philanthropic support in this area to protect our democracy.

slides_3Share the Philanthropy's Promise video and celebrate the country's most innovative and influential grantmaking institutions that seek to maximize the effectiveness of their grants and generate the greatest impact in their communities.

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The Silicon Valley Community Foundation provides visionary community leadership by identifying emerging challenges in its region. It addresses those challenges through grantmaking programs, research and ability to bring together diverse groups of problem-solvers. In the foundation’s statement, CEO and President Emmett D. Carson wrote: “We offer expert guidance on the art and science of giving. We use our expertise to make giving easy and effective, helping donors achieve their philanthropic goals whether local, national or international. Our leadership is rooted in our strong point of view on social equality as well as our collaborative relationships with the nonprofits groups and institutions advancing the best ideas.” Keep reading

Which foundations have signed on to Philanthropy's Promise? See the list and read their statements!

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