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GroundSpark: Igniting Change Through Film
October 6, 2011

Dear  GroundSpark Supporter,
GroundSpark has a new home! After 18 years we have moved our offices. And it’s exciting!
It’s not just a new space, it’s a whole new concept for GroundSpark and our Respect for All Project.
We have relocated to a dynamic new enterprise that is designed to support socially conscious, entrepreneurial ventures—both non-profits and businesses— called The Hub

As a result, we’ve been able to dramatically reduce our overhead and our footprint.
We now have a much smaller office but have access to larger meeting spaces and work desks, kitchen facilities, office supplies and equipment that are shared by everyone in the space.
We’re part of the innovative community here that shares ideas and best practices, and that we know will provide new opportunities for us to ignite change through film.
Our move parallels the steps we have taken organizationally over the last few months. We have retooled how we work and are now operating with a very small staff and a team of expert consultants who work on projects for GroundSpark.
As we unpack our boxes and settle in we’ll share stories of what this new set up is enabling us to do.
But for now, please do these three things:
  1. Update your files – our new address is 901 Mission Street, Suite 205, San Francisco, CA 94103. If that address looks familiar, you’re right! The Hub is located in the San Francisco Chronicle building. It's super easy to get to on public transit and right in the thick of things.
  2. “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Growing our Facebook community really helps get the word out about our resources to new communities that will be able to benefit from our work, and it gives us a way to let supporters know about exciting news as it happens.
  3. Consider a housewarming gift to support our move! We are whittling away a relatively small debt ($32,000 to go) and every little bit helps.
Come visit sometime – we’d love to show you around.


Debra Chasnoff
President and Senior Producer

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