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Looking for Food Alliance Certified products? We've just updated the growing list, and you can download it here (PDF).

There are now over 100 companies marketing thousands of Food Alliance Certified. That's a tremendous milestone, but we're not stopping there.

You can help spread the word and grow demand for sustainable food and farms, by telling your local retailers and restaurants that you want more sustainably produced food backed by third-party certifications like Food Alliance. And you can show them what you mean by sharing the Eater's Guide to Food and Farm Sustainability.

When I browse the recent additions to the certified list and see oysters from Chelsea Farms in Olympia, WA, humanely raised chickens and turkey from Sunnyside Farm in Dover, PA, and crisp apples from Hillside Orchard in Berrien Springs, MI. All these Food Alliance Certified products were grown using the best agricultural practices in North America. They're also very tasty. I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy these and many more.

Thank you for your support in making this work possible.
Scott Exo

Sustainable Food Supply Continues Growth in Sluggish Economy

Food Alliance recently published the updated list of food and farm products certified to its Sustainability Standards for Agricultural Production and Food Handling Operations. 46 new farms and food handling operations were certified in 2011, representing a 15% annual increase. 

The 2012 Certified Products list, an interactive map, and online search tool are available here.

In total, there are now 330 Food Alliance Certified operations in 23 states and provinces. Certified farms and ranches, many of whom are contract growers for marketing groups or producer cooperatives, manage more than 5.5 million acres throughout North America.

Read the full press release (PDF) >>

Bon Appétit Management Company Announces Groundbreaking Animal Welfare Policy

Bon Appétit Management Company recently announced the rollout of the food service industry’s most comprehensive farm animal welfare policy to date.

As part of the new policy, Bon Appétit is:

  • Requiring that all pork it serves — currently 3 million pounds annually — be produced without gestation crate confinement systems, using higher-welfare group housing systems instead.
  • Switching all of its pre-cracked (liquid) eggs — currently 11 million eggs annually —  from hens confined in barren battery cages to hens living in cage-free farms, as it already does for shell eggs.
  • Entirely eliminating foie gras (livers of force-fed ducks) and veal from calves confined in crates from its menus.
  • Ramping up efforts to seek out the most responsible meat, poultry and egg producers — those who have received at least one of the four highest animal-welfare certifications.

All of these important reforms will be phased in by 2015. The company will also continue to offer and promote vegetarian options daily as part of its Low Carbon Diet initiative, which was introduced in 2007

Bon Appétit will continue to work with the most responsible meat and poultry producers to pursue Animal Welfare Approved, Food Alliance, Humane Farm Animal Care or Global Animal Partnership certification of their animal welfare practices. These four programs have standards that not only prohibit such cruel practices as gestation crates and battery cages, but also require animals to be allowed to engage in their natural behaviors.

Read the full article >>
Read about the work that led to this decision >>

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April 30, 2012
Food Marketing Institute 2012 Food Retail Show
Co-located with the U.S. Food Showcase, AMI Convention and Exposition and United Fresh 2012, FMI2012 provides personal engagement, professional solutions and marketing education for the food industry. Food Alliance will have a booth at the tradeshow of this event. 

May 2, 2012
Food Services of America - Portland Tradeshow
Food Alliance will have a booth at the tradeshow of this event.

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