Dear Friends,
The Food Alliance Board of Directors has made the very difficult decision to cease services and operations of the organization.
For the past 18 years, Food Alliance has served as the most comprehensive and credible sustainable food certification.  The model has been heralded as a true “gold standard,” and adopted by many as an actionable path to sustainability.  In recent years, though, the grant support on which the organization depends has become less obtainable and more competitive.  
Today, Food Alliance remains as strong as ever in terms of the creation of standards and knowledge of the sustainable agriculture sector, yet unable to endure financially under its current business model.  
So, what does that mean for the future?  For Food Alliance, it means that the 501(c)(3) organization will continue to exist.  In that capacity, a revised board will oversee the intellectual property and investigate ways in which the value inherent in the standards and criteria can be appropriately updated and applied in practice.
Certification clients are permitted to use the Food Alliance Certified seal on products through December 31, 2013. We will maintain the Food Alliance website, and will continue to house the marketing materials and FA Sustainability Standards there through December 2013.  We will also have a response mechanism for specific questions, linked through the website, to access our board and volunteers.
All staff are currently helping us to close down operations and employment by February 15.  The backbone of this organization since its inception, they are working hardest now, not to ensure their own future, but to secure the future of the intellectual property.  We share their hope that, at some point, the intellectual property will be used as the foundation for a broader sustainability standard for North America or carried further throughout the industries which they currently serve.
On behalf of Food Alliance, we thank the hundreds of businesses, organizational partners, donors and staff who made this organization a founding cornerstone of the sustainable food and agriculture movement.  The value and intellectual property will live on, guarded by a devoted board and poised to continue to support and influence sustainable food and agriculture in a variety of forms.
With our deepest gratitude,
Board of Directors,
Food Alliance 
A list of Frequently Asked Questions about this decision is available here.
A list of questions for Food Alliance Certified clients is available here

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