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Sale on Johanna Beyer Editions

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Johanna Magdalena Beyer (1889-1944) created a fascinating body of music: compositions for piano, percussion ensemble, chamber groups, choir, band, and orchestra. A one-time student of Ruth Crawford, Charles Seeger, and Henry Cowell, Beyer was an ultramodernist practioner of dissonant counterpoint, and an active member of a community that included now-better-known composers and musicians. Only one of her works was published and only one recorded during her lifetime. In recent years, thanks in part to the efforts of the Frog Peak/Johanna Beyer Project, her works are increasingly performed, recorded, studied, and written about by music scholars.

The Frog Peak/Johanna Beyer Project is a collective effort by Frog Peak composers and friends, begun in 1994, to issue annotated performance editions of the works of Johanna Beyer. All work on this project is voluntary, and each composer/editor/copyist is given considerable freedom in the choice of editorial style. We hope that these editions will stimulate performance, research, and recording of Beyer's work. All 21 editions (so far) include a facsimile of the original manuscript, and editorial notes.


SALE: $10 EACH (Normally $15-$20)

  • Bees. Piano
  • Movement for Double Bass and Piano 
  • Ballad of the Star-Eater. Clarinet and sopranoclusters2
  • The Federal Music Project. Chorus
  • Dissonant Counterpoint. Piano
  • Three Songs for Clarinet and Soprano
  • String Quartet #2
  • Gebrauchs-Musik. Piano
  • Movement for Two Pianos
  • Suite for Violin and Piano
  • March for 30 Percussion Instruments
  • Have Faith! Flute and soprano
  • Three Movements for Percussion
  • Waltz for Percussion
  • Percussion Opus 14
  • Suite for Clarinet I
  • Suite for Clarinet IB
  • Percussion Suite
  • Movement for String Quartet
  • Clusters. Piano                       
  • Suite for Piano                                                                                                                                                           


All 21 scores listed above


Johanna Beyer Complete Percussion Score Set

5 scores
  • March for 30 Percussions Instruments
  • Three Movements for Percussion
  • Waltz for Percussion
  • Percussion Opus 14
  • Percussion Suite
$50   SALE: $40  ORDER NOW

Johanna Beyer Complete Piano Score Set

6 scores:
  • Dissonant Counterpoint
  • Bees
  • Gebrauchs-Musik
  • Movement for Two Pianos
  • Clusters
  • Suite for Piano

 $60   SALE: $50  ORDER NOW

Works by Ruth Crawford Seeger

  • When, not if. Round for 3 voices. Lyrics by Fred Rolland
  • The Adventures of Tom Thumb. Piano and narrator
  • Nocturne. Violin and piano

 SALE: $10 EACH (Normally $15-$25)

Writings by Anthony Braxton:

Tri-Axium Writings, Complete Set (Vols. 1, 2 & 3). $165.  SALE: $100. 

Composition Notes, Complete Set.(Vols. A-E). $280.  SALE: $175.

Compelete Anthony Braxton Collection ( Tri-Axium Writings, Vols. 1-3 & Composition Notes, Volumes A-E). SALE: $250.

Individual volumes on sale for $35 each. (Normally $60-$65)

                                         ORDER NOW

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