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 How to Invest for Impact,
and Upcoming Events 

1. Overpaid CEOs Under-Deliver for Shareholders
(3rd annual report of As You Sow, with HIP Investor)

2. How Cities Can Finance GHG Reductions with Positive ROI:  20 mechanisms, 8 partnership types (by HIP Investor and City of Palo Alto for USDN.org)

3. Strategies for Energy Investing in the Trump Era:  HIP featured in the New York Times

4. How Higher Impact Portfolios Can Outperform: HIP authored column in CR magazine

5. The $30 Trillion Impact Investing Opportunity: HIP featured in WorldPositive.org

6. How to Go Fossil-Free and Sustainable in Your Company's 401(k): HIP featured in Fast Company

7. How to Quantify Well-Being: the mechanics of HIP Investor's Ratings

As You Sow, with HIP Investor, shows how the top 100 firms with Overpaid CEOs lag the S&P500, and even destroy share value

Are firms with Overpaid CEOs in your portfolio?

Stocks in firms led by Overpaid CEOs underperform as a group, and some even lose value, especially after Board approve high CEO pay.  HIP has analyzed "CEO pay to average worker pay ratio" since our founding 11 years ago, and calculates this leading indicator for our universe of nearly 6,000 companies globally.

Also, fund managers analyzed by As You Sow, frequently vote with the Board for overpaying CEOs -- what do your fund managers do?

Authored by compensation and proxy expert Rosanna Landis Weaver of As You Sow, with analysis and performance analyzed by HIP Investor's SVP of Analytics Fabian Willskytt
Read The Full Report and Summary HERE

Replay the 1-hour Webinar recording HERE



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Financing Sustainable Cities Scan & Toolkit: by HIP Investor and City of Palo Alto for USDN.org

How can cities finance GHG reductions and positive ROI?    

This action-oriented “how-to toolkit” for Chief Sustainability Officers and Chief Financial Officers catalogs 20 financial mechanisms already in use, and 8 partnership structures -- for cities striving towards bold climate action and sustainability goals, including a scan report, infographic of finance options, and conference agenda.

USDN.org members include 150+ cities in USA and Canada seeking to reduce GHGs by 20% to 80% by 2050 or sooner.  City of Palo Alto has committed to 80% reductions by 2030, inspired by its Chief Sustainability Officer Gil Friend and city council approval. 

Write us to learn more on how your city can become more sustainable, reduce GHGs and generate positive ROI for investors.

Download 250 page PPT
and 1-page Infographic HERE




Trump May Not Like Alternative Energy, But Investors Should

HIP Investor shares strategies for your portfolio in the new political environment
"R. Paul Herman, the chief executive of HIP Investor, an investment rater and portfolio manager, said investors looking for broad guidance should keep three things in mind...."

Read The Full Feature HERE

Learn How Investors Use HIP to Take Action


Higher Impact Portfolios Can Outperform

Leading indicators of business performance typically have lower risk and higher profitability, which investors can pursue
"Solving human and environmental problems with investment portfolios builds a better world—and can yield higher income and profits too. Would a responsible executive purposefully invest their retirement money to underpay people, destroy nature, or foster corruption? Today’s business world can be quite volatile, and if people choose to operate in this way— intentionally or not—their portfolios might not survive."
Read The Full Feature HERE

Are HIP Portfolios Right For You?


The $30 Trillion Consumer Investing Opportunity

Demand for new investing approaches is growing, but funds may not be as clean as they seem.
"Historically, the ‘socially responsible’ in SRI has been more of a judgment call than a quantitative measured ratio,” says R. Paul Herman of HIP Investor, which developed its own ratings system to rank different types of investments for risk, potential return, and their impact on society (HIP translates to human impact + profit). “Plus, no company is perfect, but a mix of stronger and weaker characteristics."
Read The Full Feature HERE

HIP's 32,000 Ratings Can Help You Seek
Higher Impact & Profit


How To Convince Your Employer To Divest Your 401(k) From Fossil Fuels

A movement to create retirement options that look to a cleaner future begins with your firm.
"It's easier, medium, or hard depending on if you're working for a small, mid-sized, or large company," says R. Paul Herman, CEO of HIP (Human Impact + Profit) Investor, a company that rates the social and environmental impact of 32,000 stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. "What we've found with small companies is that they are very adept and agile and listen to their employees."
Read how to convince your company to go fossil-free and sustainable in your 401(k)  HERE

Sustainable, Fossil-Free 401(k)s For Everyday Investors: Are They Available For Your Company's Retirment Plan?

HIP Investor's Award-Winning Whitepaper,
Solid Approach to Investing with Impact


Quantifying Well-Being and Impact Can Drive Investors to Build a Better World

In this detailed whitepaper, HIP Investor explains its methodology, including financial evidence for stronger, more resilient portfolios

When companies create quantifiable value for society as well as shareholders, those firms can be more profitable and become the foundation of a stronger portfolio. Across all investment types (cash, fixed income, equities, venture, real estate) human, social, and environmental impact can be quantified, scored and valued – and linked to profit and shareholder value. Yet, investors, advisers and brokers are ignoring this potential today. 21st century investors and their fiduciaries will capture this potential upside of a better world and strong portfolios.

Read The Full Award-Winning White Paper HERE




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RSVP For These Upcoming Events

“Learn how leaders of colleges, foundations and investment platforms are enabling your money to improve society, the environment and our everyday lives.”

HIP CEO R.Paul Herman will discuss with industry leaders of Becker College,
Heifer Foundation, and Neighborly.com

RSVP HERE for March 8
in San Francisco
(discount code:  HIP)


March 9-10: 
The 3rd Annual Responsible Investing Summit,
San Francisco, CA

“Top leaders in ESG/SRI and impact investing deep-dive into responsible investment options, ROI, data and impact measurement, risks and returns, and trending issues in ESG investing -- and how to integrate responsible investments into your portfolio."

HIP Investor CEO R.Paul Herman will emcee and speak; HIP's VP Product Development Danielle Salah will speak on ratings systems

RSVP HERE for March 9-10 in San Francisco


March 16
Impact Investing in Silicon Valley, Spring 2017

Join the community of impact investors and entrepreneurs solving human, social and environmental problems at the Palo Alto Impact Center, located at BootUp in Menlo Park.

RSVP here to join on March 16
(discount code: HIP)
“The financial landscape and Conscious Investing, and how to invest in women in cleantech and sustainability.”

RSVP HERE for March 29
in San Francisco
discount code: HIPfriend

HIP CEO R.Paul Herman, in conversation with Chinwe Onyeagoro, president of Great Place to Work Institute, and Timothy Yee, president of Green Retirement Inc.

"With a sustainable, fossil-free 401(k), Millennials are more engaged, innovative and can build a better world while saving for their future. Going beyond traditional investing, Millennials can use their forthcoming $40 trillion of inherited wealth to improve the health, wealth, earth, equality and trust of the world via their investing. Learn how to unleash the excitement of Millennials in the workplace.”

RSVP HERE for March 30 in San Francisco
(discount code: HIP)


April 25-26: 
Impact Capitalism Summit, Chicago, IL

”Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Big Path Capital is pleased to announce the 8th annual Impact Capitalism Summit – the largest convening of investors focused on maximizing impact and maximizing return across asset classes.”

HIP Investor CEO R.Paul Herman will speak, and maybe even host a
game-show-style panel :)

Request invite for the 
April 25-26 event in
Chicago, IL


May 22-25: 
Sustainable Brands 2017 Detroit, Detroit, MI

”SB’17 Detroit marks the beginning of a 3-year global conversation about how we can deliver a flourishing future by rethinking what the ‘Good Life’ means for a healthy individual, family, community, city, country and planet. Driven to create a better world for all, the SB community is collectively called upon to redefine, redesign and deliver a new future, starting with individual and societal aspirations that point us all toward real happiness and a sustainable future.”

HIP Investor CEO R.Paul Herman will speak and lead workshops.

RSVP HERE for the 
May 22-25 event in
Detroit, MI


May 23-25: 
Great Places To Work For ALL, Chicago, IL

”Join us for an event marking the lift-off of a new, exciting mission: building a Great Place to Work For ALL. On the 20th anniversary of the 100 Best Companies to Work for® List published in Fortune, Great Place to Work® is raising its sights and raising the bar on what it means to be a great workplace.”

HIP Investor CEO R.Paul Herman will co-lead a workshop on how trust fuels financial performance.

RSVP HERE for the 
May 23-25 event in
Chicago, IL


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