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A great miracle happens this year.

I heard a friend say that she is stuffing her turkey with brisket - Briskey - like a Turducken!  If you are Jewish, you likely know that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are about to happen on the same day this year. Hanukkah starts at sunset on Wednesday November 27th, the night before Thanksgiving. It turns out that it has never happened before.  Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in November, meaning the latest it can be is November 28th.  November 27th is also the earliest Hanukkah can be, so it seems this celebration of two events on the same day will never happen again. So, what should we serve? I always make Sweet Potato Latkes on Hanukkah, so it seems perfectly suited for Thanksgiving.  Perhaps a cranberry applesauce since Hanukkah and Thanksgiving overlap?  We have decided to have an early turkey dinner and then light candles at sundown and eat pie.  We give thanks!

There are still local turkeys available: Jefferson at The Good Farm and The Farm Institute both have turkeys available. Good luck if you are looking for a local brisket.  I don’t know anyone who has a beef brisket. I got a 10lb turkey last week from the Farm Institute.  I wanted to try our local turkeys side by side, but Jefferson is not slaughtering them until Monday before Thanksgiving and The Farm Institute did a first batch last week, so I picked one up. I brined it overnight and slow-roasted it for 3 hours.  It was the juiciest, tastiest bird I have ever tasted.  Later, I pulled all the meat off the bones and roasted the bones along with carrots, parsnips and leeks to make a stock.  I deglazed the pan of the drippings and made a gravy that I promptly placed in the freezer for the big day.  I am all about do-ahead dishes.

If you must buy your turkey at the grocery store, look for a “pastured” turkey.  "Pastured" means that the bird was running around in the pasture eating grass and bugs and collecting vitamin D and omegas 3 and 6 and having a good life!

To stuff or not to stuff?

In the early 80s Karen English and I started a catering business called Summer Fare and we would pour over the Silver Palate Cookbook for inspiration. This was one of my favorite recipes for stuffing.  I have done it every year since and I never tire of it:   Cornbread, Sausage, Apple, & Pecan Stuffing.  The key is to use great apples and great sausage. Morning Glory Farm has some terrific sausage this year!

So, what will you be slathering on your turkey sandwich when you are eating leftovers? Most of us will be reaching for the mayonnaise jar, and like so many brands that have become nouns for the industry (Kleenex, Tampax, Reynolds Wrap, etc.) When folks say “Hellman's”, we know it is mayo.  I suggest you consider your choices after reading this post about  Mayonnaise: Spreading Truth.

We have three rooms left on the Costa Rican Adventure! It is going to be all about brain health and of course we will be eating delicious food, soaking up vitamin D and swimming naked under the stars - which is optional!  I did it last year with the phosphorescence and it was a miracle to behold.

So back to miracles...

It looks as though there will be 20+ people around our table on Thursday, which will be laden with pumpkins and dreidels and Hanukkah gelt. We will be giving thanks and remembering that everyday is filled with miracles!  I just noticed that there is ice on the pond.  Maybe there will be skating this weekend... I give thanks to you and wish you blessings of good food.



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