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July brings tomatoes, as well as zucchini and fireworks and loads of time outside.

As I look out on my yard, my daylilies and roses are in full bloom. I have Sungold Tomatoes and loads of zucchini blossoms - the strawberries have almost gone by.

Everything is early this year.

The Kitchen Porch is abuzz with activity… We preserved 3 flats of Morning Glory Farm strawberries this week. We have 4 more to be preserved and as I write this, I am thinking that balsamic vinegar and strawberries go well together, so now Robert (Chef Lionette) and I are planning a preserve with just that very combination. I also have a box of under-ripe peaches that I am contemplating using for chutney.

We bought 60 Martha’s Vineyard raised chickens this week and have been making stock and chicken liver mousse. Check out  this video from Vineyard Voice here which features our local mobile slaughtering system for poultry. This Mobile Processing Unit not only makes it possible for families to process their own chickens without taking them off-island, it also allows farmers to sell their chickens. I love chicken when I know where it comes from and there is such gratification in all the relationships that are built around the raising, slaughtering and exchange of food in our community.

RAW! I’ve been working on recipes which are raw. We made spinach spread and a carrot soup in the Raw Foods “cooking” class this week. Although the avocados came from California, they sure added a delicious creaminess to each dish. We also discussed the idea of naming raw foods like cauliflower puree, “mashed potatoes”. Do we really need to name a new food, something that is old and familiar? In addition, we have expanded our Kitchen Porch menu offering loads of raw foods including, lemon bars, granola bars, soups, and dips.  We are selling them at the Farmer’s Market and these products can also be found on the island at Fiddlehead Farm and Eden.

Check out our new Summer BBQ Kits! We will provide the grass fed beef dogs and burgers, marinated MV chicken, buns, our own ketchup, mustard (spicy or honey) and side dishes. All you need to do is invite your guests, set the table and light up the grill!

Za’atar, our North African/Middle Eastern spice rub is being used everywhere in the kitchen these days. I especially like to drizzle extra virgin olive oil over our hummus and finish it with a sprinkle of za’atar. Slather it over a chicken with preserved lemons! Our za’atar is a nice balance of thyme, oregano, sesame seeds and red sumac.

I am one of the organizers for our Annual Slow Food Potluck Supper  which is happening at the Ag Hall on July 20th. We are planning to have 300 guests and Judith Jones as our guest speaker. I have been enjoying getting to know Judith through her blog. Her stories ring true with my own adventures with food. She is able to impart vivid descriptions of James Beard and I can only aspire to someday enjoying the pleasure of “Cooking for One” - her newest book. It seems nearly impossible that I, who is blessed with friends and family (and CLIENTS!) around so many tables each week, could someday be cooking for one.

I am currently thinking about the waning moon and how I love all the phases of the moon. I am always torn between enjoying the moon-filled nights where I can catch great expressions on faces and the moonless nights that are filled only with constellations and shooting stars. Just as the biodynamic farmers set their fields to the stars, I find wonder and power in the summer skies.

Here’s to barbeques and night skies.


Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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