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Culinary Experiences

I stopped by Mermaid Farm this morning and was greeted by this beautiful table of tomatoes! Caitlin announced that she was done growing tomatoes. “Everyone grows heirlooms now. It’s too hard to compete. The weather doesn’t cooperate and I can’t even sell these!” she exclaimed as she pointed to crates full of tomatoes.

Caitlin has long been my favorite tomato grower. She saves the seeds of her strongest fruit and begins them in her green house in March and never uses any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides. She has a square card table with a display of the different varieties of the tomatoes that she is growing. Mermaid Farm is one of my morning treasures. This little nest filled with tiny tomatoes is one of the gems to behold!

Be careful what you drive when you pull into Mermaid Farm. I suggest you leave the SUV at home when visiting Mermaid Farm or you may find this scribbled over your gas tank as one customer did this week -

…and make sure you try a Mango Lassi. It is worth a morning stop!

At the farmer’s market we have been selling out of our Harissa. Harissa is the “Ketchup of North Africa”. We use it on everything. I think the caraway is the secret ingredient, but really how can one go wrong with anything containing cumin or coriander?

We make a paste of dried red chili peppers garlic, adding a bit of salt and olive oil to make the paste smooth. Then we sprinkle in ground coriander, ground caraway seeds, and cumin - Voilà! It keeps forever in the fridge covered with oil. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start dipping your French fries or fried clams in it!

Our most popular drink yet has been our Emerald Palmer Mint Lemonade and some folks prefer it with Kettle One.

Our classes have been very well attended and a whole lot of fun. This week we have Pasta Making. Next up is our popular Kombucha Workshop on September 4th, and a new class all about Local Chicken on September 10th.  Also look for a new Kids Cooking Class for 5-10 year olds coming up and we will also be revisiting the Indian Cooking Class and the Asian Street Food class.  Of course we'll have our fall cleanse in October!

Today I made a Corn Salad and shiitake mushroom salad. My son left me a grocery bag of shiitakes, so I sautéed the mushrooms in goat butter and sprinkled in the corn salad. A real August salad!

If you’re looking for great mushrooms, North Tabor Farm has bags of shiitakes for sale both at the farm stand on North Road and at the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market.



Jan Buhrman
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