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Is this June or July?

The farms have yellow squash and zucchini! Try this delicious recipe I made up this week with summer squash. Yes, this is early. One more sign of global warming? I am watching for tomatoes. I have been checking the greenhouses at the farms and most are still green. I am betting that Morning Glory Farm will have the first tomatoes of the season. Peas are almost ready, rhubarb is in full season, and asparagus is just going by…  I just got my onions and potatoes planted yesterday - also my pumpkins.

There is an abundance of lettuce and herbs. The lovage, borage and nasturtiums pictured above are all from my garden. If only we could freeze lettuce. We have been making salsas, “pesto“, and fresh chutneys like crazy.  Salsas will keep for several weeks in the fridge if submerged in oil. Add any citrus and vinegar just before serving, if the recipe calls for it, to keep it vibrant green.  Try this delicious Cilantro Mint Chutney.

Sorrel is also quite abundant in my wild garden. Many years ago, Polly Murphy gave me bucket of it and I am sure that this is a grandchild of the original. I love sorrel for its refreshing tartness. It pairs beautifully with potatoes and also in a frittata. Chop it up in salads or add to soups and you will have all your guests wondering what that delicious flavor is!

I want to introduce Aaron Oster, who joins our team as head chef, salumiere head chef, and kitchen manager this season. Aaron joins our teaching staff as he brings with him his experience teaching at The International Culinary Institute. He is a master pasta maker and his passion for cured meats is contagious.  He has over 10 years of professional food service experience in New York City.  Aaron will be responsible for building the curriculum for our meat curing classes, handmade pasta classes, and building seasonal tasting menus.  Check out his Salsa Verde recipe.

We are currently planning a pig fest in early November. We have invited François Vecchio, a master Salumiere, Charcutier & Wurstmeister, to Martha’s Vineyard. We will be offering a hands-on weeklong class on slaughtering, butchering and curing from one the world’s finest teachers.  A whole pig tasting and wine pairing, for those of you who simply wish to eat and drink, is also in the works. Check back for updates and online registration for this exciting and unique event!

We have been perfecting our recipes for porchetta, which we will be serving at the Farmer’s Market in West Tisbury on Wednesdays and Saturdays and also for numerous events this coming season. During the week of the 4th of July, we will be making 4 porchettas using pigs from a dear farmer friend in Western Massachusetts who raises them.

Porchetta, an obvious derivative of the word porco, “pork”, is nothing more than what it seems: a roasted pork cooked on a spit for hours to create this delicious, moist and flavorful treat available almost everywhere in Italian markets (the ultimate in street food!). I first glimpsed porchetta at a market in Torino, Italy and had to know about it.  The porchetta with the head is called Roman Porchetta. There is truly art to the preparation of this delicacy, and to learn more, I invite you to read about my discovery in The Art of Porchetta.

A variety of classes are being offered this season. We continue to update and add to the schedule.  I will also be offering a Farm Tour in both July and August.  In addition, we are planning a Yoga Retreat for September 2012 and another in January 2013. 

I welcome you to join me for a hands-on class – most include a delicious meal.  Journey with us on a local farm tour, or I invite you to create your own unique experience with us. 

Summer is here!

Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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