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I’ve been known to have early morning phone conversations with my dear friend Clarissa that last well into lunch! The summer doesn’t allow for such luxuries, but we still carve out time for a few thoughts and exchanges. Recently, it was about lamb. I asked her to set aside 16 legs of lamb for me for a September wedding. Not long ago, I had served three legs for 21 guests.  I was surprised at how small they were and also that there was absolutely not one small piece of meat left at the dinner table. They are for the clients that prefer quality over price and also appreciate that one leg of lamb, at $45, MIGHT feed seven.

I do believe that the Allen Farm has the best lamb. Growing only the number of lambs that you can raise and sustain in one season is the Allen Farm way. Clarissa mentioned factory farms and lamb in one sentence and I asked her if she ever heard of that practice in the U.S. 

I have always considered lamb an animal that cannot be raised in confinement, but Clarissa confirmed for me that it does happen.  So of course, I looked into it, and began asking suppliers.  I delve into some of the facts regarding raising lamb and factory farming in my latest post:  Lamb: Raised in Confinement.

Tomato season is here and I can’t get enough, as the season has been very slow. My favorite supplier is only forking over 10-15 pounds a day. At $6/pound, they are worth every drop! I slice into the tomato with my long serrated chef’s knife, which works best.  A straight-edge knife pushes through foods, whereas the serrated knife relies on a slicing motion in which the blade is dragged across the food’s surface as it moves down through it - perfect for breaking through the skin and the softer inner tomato texture, yielding perfect slices.

I caught Caitlin Jones picking her raspberries early this morning! My favorite time of the day is early morning when the birds are singing and the world of humans is still in slumber...

And, as stone fruit comes into season, here is my recipe for Fruit Crisp – a recipe that can be used with any stone fruit.

Don’t miss the Kitchen Porch serving up dinner each Wednesday at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival – just three more Wednesday nights offering our delicious dinners along with thought-provoking and inspiring movies up at the Chilmark Community Center!

Please consider attending and participating in our Metabolic Boot Camp this coming October, 2011.  John Bagnulo and I promise a truly transformational week - we have worked together and collaborated on several events and they are always well-received, fun and life-changing!




MVFF Photo Credit:  eli.dag [photographer] 

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