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Memorial Day! The time of year when the pace begins to pick up, the energy is focused, not yet frenetic, and there is still time to plan the garden.  This past weekend was aflutter with parties and events.  The photos above are from some of these events catered by Kitchen Porch.  Pickled vegetables, fluke tacos and a Moroccan spread with spiced dips were just some of the delicious offerings to guests. 

My garden is full of green garlic and my dilemma is: do we pick green garlic now or wait until it is bigger, pull it and dry it? I turned to Caitlin of Mermaid Farm for advice: “Jan, eat it now as you want, then on July 4th whatever is left, pull it and dry it. Replace the garlic with winter carrots, kale and fall squash.”It seems so simple and actually that plan works very well for my lifestyle. I will be too busy after July 4th to put much energy into anything but catering, but come September, the kale will be in full bloom and so will the squash - what a great plan!

Here is a picture of my current garden patch. Of course I do not remember what type of garlic this is.  We planted last November. I think the blooming garlic is elephant garlic.  Below are the harvested garlic which remind me of the wild ramps I just picked up in Western Massachusetts.

I was at my favorite Bed and Breakfast The Inn at Sweet Water Farm on Sunday night as we made a stop in Great Barrington to pick up two pigs. Lynda Fisher presented me with two large bags of blanched and frozen ramps from her freezer. Here is more about that trip and ramps in this week’s blog post Ramps.
On Saturday, May 25th there is a worldwide March Against Monsanto.  I encourage readers to participate in one of the marches against the agrichemical corporation Monsanto.  On Martha’s Vineyard, gather for a march at Tropical Restaurant in Vineyard Haven on Saturday at 10am - click here for details.  Now is a great time to take a stand against Monsanto and their products.  Monsanto is known for its long history of developing and knowingly exposing people to dangerous products.  As a corporation, it has become a symbol of corporate greed and for using its lobbying power to influence governments here and all over the world.  Why are there so many campaigns against Monsanto?  Read more about this very present issue and the "whys" in Monsanto:  What are we eating?  Nothing is good about Monsanto and now is a time to do whatever you can to take a stand against them.

All this about the evils of Monsanto sounds so depressing, but I am optimistic that things will be changing for us and for Monsanto.  I have heard many rumblings about them in the news and folks are getting tired and pissed off.  No one should have the right to poison our food systems and we certainly have a right to know what is in our food through clear labeling.

Be sure to check out a film from our neighbors the Nixons, owners of Homeport, Menemsha Inn and Beach Plum Inn: American Heroes Fishing Challenge premieres Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, at 10 pm on The National Geographic Channel.  The film features original music by seven-time Grammy winner John Mayer. The film is narrated by comedian/actor and long-time Vineyarder Lenny Clarke.  Lenny Clarke’s wife Jennifer Clarke is the award-winning captain of the “Femme Fatale,” featured in the film.  American Heroes Fishing Challenge climbs aboard fishing vessels to experience the "thrill of the catch" with severely wounded active duty military.  They’ll travel from Walter Reed and Fort Belvoir military hospitals to New England to compete with 3,000 others in the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby.  Says Bob Nixon, the film’s director, “Our goal was to capture the extraordinary can-do spirit of our military, while revealing how the challenges of a week of hardcore fishing on the Atlantic and the grateful embrace of an entire island jump-starts their recovery.”

Time to get the tomato plants in!

Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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