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This time of year I never know what to expect.

One day, I am welcoming fall and winter, the next clinging to the warmth and surprises of the garden. Today I wore my Uggs only to find that the day brought so much warmth, I could have worn my sandals!

One thing is for sure, we need a hard frost to kill all the flies.

Meals are just as confusing for me

<STILL picking tomatoes in October!

I love having delicious pea shoots for breakfast. but can’t decide if I should dress them with oil and vinegar or throw them in the skillet and sauté them. I can’t decide if I want to be a vegan or a raw foodie, and then, suddenly I have a fantasy about eating fatty pork belly. Recently, I made a spinach salad and was just about to dress it when it just didn’t seem satisfying, so I threw that in the skillet and wilted and warmed it and it was divine! It must be fall if I am cooking my salad!

< The caul fat.

We have slaughtered our three pigs and there is something so satisfying about slicing and cutting and packaging and storing our meat for the winter.  I rendered 24 tubs of lard today and made gayettes which are beautiful little bundles of pigs liver sausage wrapped in caul fat. 

< Prepared gayettes.

For lunch we eat crépinettes (aka faggots), which are really the same as gayettes, but heated and eaten hot while gayettes are preserved in the newly rendered lard… it all makes perfect sense, this preserving and eating this time of year! Today I am making crépinettes and gayettes and have posted a rather rough recipe of what they are and how to create them.

Join our Chartucerie class on November 3rd for some step-by-step learning all about these delicious delicacies and more. 

Living Local Classes: All of our classes emphasize Farm to Table and are thoughtfully sourced. This means that we approach classes with the main focus on ingredients that come to us from as close to home as possible.

Sustainable. Organic. Minimally Processed. Local.

This is how we are going to teach you how to cook, live and eat!
Our cooking classes will also teach you good nutrition values. Hopefully we can demystify some of your questions around healthy fats and oils, grass-fed versus grain-fed meats, whole and gluten-free grains, wholesome sweeteners, enzyme producing fermented foods, and oh so much more!

Our classes are offered all year long, and we hold a variety of classes to meet any cooks' needs. Cheesemaking, Charcuterie, Fermented Foods, Soap Making, and Preserving Food from the Garden are a few classes that we run regularly. It’s all about reconnecting to our roots. It’s about an understanding of knowledge that will enrich and strengthen your connections to life, your ancestral paths forward and backward and about building community and preserving a way of life.  Come and join us!

We will be offering a drop-off service on Thanksgiving Day. We have some beautiful turkeys and loads of local produce and organic cranberries. Check out our Thanksgiving Menu.

Colors are at their peak this week and I am feeling grateful for the bountiful gift of food that we are putting up in the larder. I'm even further grateful for knowing all my friends both here on the Vineyard and beyond…

Enjoy this season of abundance and brilliant colors!


Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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