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We have been busy here at Kitchen Porch. The striped bass has been phenomenal this month. It seems like every day we get two or three whole bass to filet and there is always a pot of fish stock on the stove. As quickly as the bass came - fast and furious – they have begun to leave, and I am longing for more!

This past week we fire roasted two whole lambs for a wedding.  We saved all of the bones and made the richest stock imaginable. Stocking up (on stock) is like having a pile of gold in the freezer! 

August brings corn and the long-awaited tomatoes. It seems like they will never get here! Rusty at Ghost Island Farm has heirloom cherry tomatoes and Mermaid Farm is harvesting about 2 quarts a day – hardly enough to supply our Summer dinners just the right amount for me for breakfast! Morning Glory Farm finally has daily corn available and this Corn Pudding Soufflé recipe is an easy do-ahead treat next to a simple supper of tomatoes and salad. The corn bounty is an excellent excuse to enjoy the other wonderful corn recipes featured along with Corn Pudding Soufflé in Glorious Corn from Martha's Vineyard Magazine.  And you can give yourself a jump-start in the morning or refresh yourself any time of day with this Summer Green Smoothie. The 23rd brings a full moon and something else to look forward to - what fun to swim in the ocean under a full moon! 

It’s hard not to think more and more about the upcoming Fall harvest and classes. Some of you may have noticed a few changes happening to our website and on Facebook. For those who haven’t already heard, John Bagnulo and I have been developing a series of classes that we are both very proud of. We’ve found so much fun and energy in our ongoing collaboration, that this past Spring, we made the decision to officially join efforts and create Diaeta Way.

Diaeta Way began as a bit of light fun between us… we brainstormed together considering what to call our collaboration "officially".  Although John’s family is experiencing a heart-wrenching hardship – their youngest son is very ill, please keep him in your thoughts - we have stayed committed to our mission to make Diaeta Way a reality. Last month, we created our Diaeta Way Facebook page, and now we are about to launch an easy access, email-driven cleanse – The Diaeta Way 21 Day Cleanse: A Journey to Renewal.

The 21 Day Cleanse was inspired by those who have been strong supporters of our work, but can’t always make the trip to join on one of our retreats. Our cleanse will provide participants with a daily email full of recipes, nutritional information, and a wonderful private support group on Facebook.  It is an elimination cleanse, meant to facilitate a full sloughing off of toxins, something that can only be truly experienced over a certain length of time.

We are really proud of what we’ve created and hope you will join us. The cleanse will be available for $89, going live on September 1st.  However, those who sign up before August 20th will get a $20 discount.

For more information about the 21 Day Cleanse, please join our new Diaeta Way Newsletter. This newsletter will keep all of our wonderful Diaeta Way enthusiasts in the loop about new events and classes. And don’t forget - now is the time to sign up for our Fall Metabolic Boot Camp and in the Winter, our Costa Rica Restorative Adventure - week one & week two - this year, we'll be there for two weeks! 
May August bring you cherished moments with family and friends over freshly harvested vegetables!

Photo Credit:
(Berry Smoothie) Minta Carlson
(Corn Pudding Soufflé) Alison Shaw
Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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