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Culinary Experiences
We've received a lot of feedback on the December newsletter in particular reference to Goose is Cooked. Many have asked me how to cook a goose. Others asked if I cooked my goose, or if I cooked my husband. My husband took a lot flack for that past post (all in good humor) and it was surprising how many folks love geese! I've heard so many personal geese stories this past month. Many shared similar tales of eating wild goose; if you catch a young one, they can be incredibly succulent and yummy, but an old one (most likely what we had!) can be worse than an old rooster to eat. Seems there are whole flocks of geese that take to families when allowed to stay.

In the end, I did not cook another goose. I priced a New England goose and it was going to cost me $200 plus shipping. We opted to cook our own pork. It seemed crazy to purchase a goose when we had a freezer full of delicious meat! I love curries, but it is a lot of work and so we changed it up. This year, we decided to cook together. In years past, I have been the one to cook, and perhaps I am getting a bit tired, but I was not crazy about cooking a whole curry dinner by myself. I was surprised when everyone loved the idea of cooking together. Here I share a link to our Curried Winter Night. The full menu, recipes and a shopping list are included.  I encourage you to try a dinner party where everyone participates in the cooking! What fun!  I will also be sharing each of the recipes on our Kitchen Porch Catering Facebook page.  If you haven't already, please come on over and "like" us for ongoing information and tidbits!

John Bagnulo and I are planning a very special Spring retreat - two actually.  We are excited to offer a new five-day Finding Your Food Map retreat, followed by a three-day retreat on Defining Food Quality. Have you ever wondered which vegetable to purchase?  Or what kind of oil to use?  Or what is the best food for your own individual body composition to eat and why?  Consider attending one or both of these brand new and unique retreats here on Martha's Vineyard.

This is the time of year when we start booking weddings for 2015 and 2016. The holidays are a popular time of year to get engaged, so we spend a lot of time on the phone answering questions about catering events. If you, or someone you know, is considering a Vineyard wedding, I share some great information in Wedding Planning 101.

We have a few spots left for our Costa Rica Adventure.  If you want to learn more about heart health or gut health in a beautiful relaxed lodge located off the Osa Peninsula, come join us! 

May 2015 be your year for health and fun entertaining with family and friends. As you can see, we can all change our kitchen experiences to something new and meaningful, even when you are well-seasoned like me!

Warm wishes for a Bright New Year!
Jan Buhrman
Kitchen Porch

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